Holiday Guide for Financial Advisors

Holiday Guide for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

During the holiday season, consumers are bombarded with bland, impersonal messages from every direction. How can you stand out from all that noise? Simple adjustments to how you approach the holidays could create big changes in how your financial advisor clients perceive you – and result in more referrals and better client retention. 

Four Ways to Make an Impact with Holiday Gifts in 2022: 

  1. Make them personal: Do you typically send the same thing to every client during the holiday season? If so, how could you make that holiday card, gift, or email more personal? One way to give your clients more of a “wow experience” is to send gifts with a personalized message and photos. Greetabl even has a Photo Frame Ornament that they can hang on their tree (and, bonus points, it looks nice enough to display all year long!).

    Sending more than 100 gifts? Greetabl makes this easy with a simple spreadsheet template. You can use an easy mail merge to create dynamic messages for each person on your list, and we’ll take care of the rest! Contact our sales team to learn more.
  2. Send smaller gifts to a larger list: Small gestures go a long way this year. If you usually send an expensive gift basket to just your largest clients, opt for smaller gifts to all of your clients. This will stand out from the crowd and help you maintain relationships with your entire database of clients. The real estate market has been hot in 2020, so there’s never been a better time to get your name in front of people who may be able to give you referrals.  
  3. Choose something unique: To make a big impression, send gifts that are more unique than what your competitors are sending. Greetabl gifts offer a fun unboxing experience that will definitely stand out in a sea of greeting cards.
  4. Send gifts outside of the Christmas season: to make a bigger splash, send gifts for Thanksgiving or New Years instead of the peak holiday season. This will make your gift a little more surprising and you’ll have less competition for the attention of your recipients. 

    To make things a little easier logistically (and to make sure the gifts you want don’t sell out!), place your orders as soon as possible and use Greetabl’s Scheduled Delivery feature to schedule them to arrive just on time.

The key takeaway: don’t send the same boring gift baskets you always do. You have an opportunity to make a big investment in your professional relationships this year; don’t waste it by sending something your clients won’t really appreciate.  

Why Send Gifts in 2022?