A Beautiful Box for Your Bridal Party

A Beautiful Box for Your Bridal Party

He’s asked and you’ve said yes. 

Let the planning begin!

If you have ever suffered a creative block, you wouldn’t be alone. One of the many reasons we have trouble bringing in our brightest ideas to the forefront on the day it matters most…is because unconsciously we are competing instead of creating. (Stop it.)

Soon-to-be-Brides are no exception because weddings have historically brought out the pressure to make everything “perfect”. If you already feel like you’ve fallen into this trap, let’s pull you out. Nothing good can come from it, and your most badassery-authentic creativity cannot flow if you are stuck under this kind of pressure.

Don’t short circuit the flow of inspiration. 

We hate to break it to you… but you are not the only one getting married this year (cue awkward laughter here.)  Hopefully, that made you feel better and not worse! The point is it doesn’t matter who else is getting married — your wedding cannot be duplicated by anyone. Why? Because YOU ARE one-of-a-kind and so is your wedding journey! The experience is yours to have and to hold…forever.

Weddings are filled with an array of crazy emotions— in addition to love and gratitude all the way until the last guest goes home. Suddenly your world is filled with gobs of strong opinions from relatives you didn’t even know you had. It’s a bridging of families and friends, it’s an eruption of design and expression– starting with the invitations and ending with the centerpieces… and Most BIGLY…it’s a slingshot into a brand new life as a twosome. THE END. Two worlds are colliding to create one massive one. Emotional overload is 100% expected. (Well…Everything worthwhile IS.)

Image of married couple holding hands on wedding day.

When you said “Heck yeah, babe! I’ll marry you,” you agreed to take on quite a task and the wedding is only a minuscule part of it. Instead of creating something you saw in a magazine, why not create something that reflects who you are and who your marriage partner is with you? Not sure who you are? Now might be the perfect time to do that deep self-reflection. Who you are today is not who you will be a decade from now, and that’s putting it lightly… so own it, girl! 

A little thing about perspective: Guess what – We all have one. 

Your perspective is YOURS, all yours and nobody else’s. That does not mean its right (Who’s to say what is right, anyway?) It means that who you are, how you view yourself, your experiences and the world around you is worthy and important. Your perspective is EVERYTHING on your special day, and you are being given a chance to create your world view– of who you are now, and who you wish to become. Make no mistake, this is the day you will become the most YOU, that you have ever been before. 

Document the person you were when you agreed to say “I do”. 

Your peeps have been a YUGE part of where you have landed, and it’s a great time to celebrate them. You get to choose. Who is going to give you away to the next chapter of your life? Who has had the most impact in your life up to this point where you are giving yourself to a partner in holy matrimony? Whether these friendships will stay the course or not, you will have the fondness in your heart when you look back on this special time in your life. 


Image of two friends opening a Greetabl gift.

Don’t panic. It may not always be possible for you to be 100% original, but you CAN BE authentic

Your bridesmaid gift boxes can reflect the sincerity of who you are and what your friendship means to you. Once you have given yourself an artistic assignment, it’s YOURS. Nobody can take it away from you unless of course, you relinquish it. Nobody can duplicate your gifts because they are representative of your relationships- that are like no-one else’s in the world. Your friendships – just like ALL things you create– are born of your sensibilities, temperament, experience, emotion, passion, perseverance, attention to detail, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities. No one can be you… but YOU!!

What to Include in Your Bridesmaid Proposal Box:

It all starts with a message

Put a pen to paper and start getting sentimental. Write down what he or she means to you, throw in some memorable moments, inside jokes, poetry… and especially the impact they’ve had on your life. Once you get started with a draft, you will be amazed at how easily these thoughtful words will flow. Look for a card that emulates the theme of your wedding day and leads up to the big question. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” 

Person writing on envelope.

Fill her up!

The wedding party proposal box can begin with a wedding survival package or “life’s little emergencies” kit — a gift that is both fun and practical — such as this adorably functional Minimergency Kit. This pretty, glittery little bag is a good start to supplying your bridal party with all the tools they need — no matter what little unexpectancies might show up on the big day! (There’s always something! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)  

It’s chock-full of all the essentials you’ll need including:

Hair spray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, 2 earring backs, 2 clear elastics, mending kit, safety pin, 2 bobby pins, 5 double-sided tape strips, stain remover, tampon, breath drops, deodorant towelette, dental floss, adhesive bandage, facial tissue, blotting tissues, hand cleaner, 2 cotton swabs, and 2 extra wedding bands. WHEW!! 

Image of Mini-mergency Bridal Kit.

Add the sugar, please! 

A gift box wouldn’t be complete without some yummy treats. Anything goes as long as it’s gourmet. Candies, cookies, mini-cakes, whatever the delectable – everyone appreciates a sweet treat — especially for such a sweet occasion such as this one!

Personalize that Puppy.

Quality is KEY and there is no limit here– so let your imagination RUN W.I.L.D. It’s no wonder personalized items are such a big trend. Having something engraved or monogrammed isn’t too pricey, but it can make the moment — and the keepsake — REALLY meaningful. Depending on the gender of your wedding person proposee, you can choose from water cups, coffee mugs, champagne flutes, small jewelry pieces, cufflinks, picture frames, or even decorative flasks. Practical and thoughtful… you can’t go wrong with any of these!

Image of Fudge Brittle.
Image of Peach Bellini gummies.

Be Scents-able.

Add to your proposal box something fragrant and sweet-smelling, such as an anecdote candle. (Our fave is the bottomless mimosas candle!)

This 3.4 oz gold travel tin smells of citrus and bergamot. Sparkling at the start, Bottomless Mimosas leads with a fresh citrus aroma of blood orange, bergamot, and grapefruit. Fresh green notes round out the scent to create a balanced fragrance reminiscent of everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage.

Image of candles.

It’s always happy hour SOMEWHERE…

…And it’s never too early for a cocktail. Add a miniature bottle of aged liquor, champagne, or sparkling wine. Your peeps aren’t big drinkers? NO PROB. Give them a delightful array of herbal teas or a packet of gourmet coffee. Something for everyone! Bonus points if you can tie in the type of beverage to a shared memory!

We LOVE these Wedding Party Proposals Stories and we are pretty sure you will, too!
A Tall Order Indeed….

You can’t argue that it was anything other than love at first sight. Hannah and Charles were both in relationships with other people when they met, so there was no reason for either of them to be looking elsewhere. They were at a Northwestern alumni networking event in Los Angeles, and because they had both graduated at different times, their paths had never crossed until this moment… although, they unknowingly had many friends in common. They were both exceptionally tall at 6’1” and 6’4”, respectively. So they were used to seeing over the heads of others wherever they went, but it wasn’t often they’d see someone right at their eye level. On this particular night, they saw one another several inches above the other people in the crowded room, locked their gaze, and made their way towards one another for their first time introduction and… the rest of their lives. They ended up talking the rest of the evening as if they were the only ones in the room. Later that night Hannah told her roommates “I met the man I am going to marry. As soon as I saw him, it was like… ‘Oh, THERE you are!’” 

Six months later they were engaged. In some universes, this may have seemed rushed, but not for those who knew Hannah and Charles. The couple didn’t have a large budget for a wedding, so they opted for something simple and lovely. They said their “I do’s” on the beach in Malibu at sunset with a small group of close friends and family, four bridesmaids and three groomsmen. 

Hannah was no stranger to DIY projects and decided to create pre-filled Bridesmaid and Groomsmen boxes with gifts that strongly embodied the essence of the couple… as well as their sense of humor. Inside the personalized wedding proposal boxes, along with heart-felt  written messages and wedding party proposals… were small handcrafted giraffes, engraved with the date of the wedding, of course. To this day, their house is filled with all kinds of giraffe collectors items.

Wedding Party Proposal Bling
Image of couple kissing at wedding ceremony.

Evan and Pete first met through a mutual friend in New York City while Pete was visiting from Arizona. They stayed good friends through Instagram and Facebook, often having late night messenger marathons, where they bonded over their love of travel, Broadway shows and exotic cuisine. For several years the couple dated long distance, visiting or going on vacations together almost every month. The couple had been planning on moving in together in Chelsea once Pete had arranged for a work transfer to the city. When the transfer went through, the couple flew to Barcelona to celebrate. Evan was the one who planned the surprise proposal the night they both arrived in Spain.

They chose to marry in New York so they could have a small engagement party/ housewarming at their new apartment with their closest friends. Before the party, Evan and Pete decided to surprise their hopefully soon-to-be-wedding-peeps with proposal boxes, which were handed to them when they arrived, but told not to open. Once everyone arrived, Pete made a toast to the small gathering, telling them all how special they were to the couple, and finishing with “you may now open your boxes.” In each of the boxes, the lid asked a question unique to the role: 

Will you officiate our wedding? 

Will you be our Ring Bearer? 

Will you be my Best Man? 

Will you be my Groom Girl? 

Everyone in the room was asked to play an important role in the couples upcoming nuptials. Because their best friends were a mixture of both men and women, the gift boxes were slightly different depending on the gender. The men were all given platinum monogrammed cufflinks while the women were given monogrammed bracelets– all to be worn on the special day. 

Image of cuff-links.
The way to a happy heart is with ART.

Laura and Camille met while on a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. They had bonded over their love of the outdoors, hiking and camping. It wasn’t long before the couple fell in love. Camille proposed to Laura on a hike in Colorado when they reached the top of the path. 

It wasn’t hard to determine that the wedding would be a rustic mountain theme. As it happened, many of their best friends also shared the same love of the outdoors and often accompanied the love birds on their hiking excursions. Together, they decided to propose to each of their “Bridal Persons” together and in roughly the same way- and since the bridal party was to include both men and women, they wanted the proposal boxes to include something for everyone. 

Laura, also an artist, painted custom circular shaped cards with mountain scenes for each person, using the colors of the wedding. In the white space around the circle, the women descriptions (funny, caring, silly, etc…) and their uniqueness to the friendship. On the flip side of the card they both participated in writing a letter where they asked them to be a part of their wedding. The gift box included a keychain with a hand drawn wood mountain ornament and a small bottle of fireball whiskey — a favorite for the couple, especially around a campfire! Also included was a packet of hot chocolate, and a smaller package that included the makings of a s’more. 

This proposal also worked well for their beloved friends and family who lived in a different state.