Popping the Question to Your Wedding Peeps

Popping the Question to Your Wedding Peeps

You may not have been the one to propose to your partner, but you still have a chance to experience the big ask when you choose your besties to be in your wedding party. Finding the perfect proposal gifts can be almost (almost!) as exciting as getting engaged— but if we are being brutally honest, it can also add a lot of pressure to the blushing bride (and groom!) -to-be.  

Your bridal party should be a reflection of you and your partner.

Your peeps have been with you through it all – likely every time you kissed yet, another frog until you finally found your prince.  Just like your partner, besties come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. 

So why not go genderless? Until recently, wedding parties were divided by gender but these days couples are choosing wedding party members based on their most important relationships. Now, bridal parties can be a mixture of bridesmaids, bridesmen, maids of honor, men of honor, groomsmen, groomgirls, best men, and best ladies… and there are no rules as to which side they should be standing on. 

Rules, Shmules. 

It’s important that you tap into your intuition and go only with what feels right.  In fact, pretty much every decision that you make from here on out should make you feel quite giddy. Ignore all these pre-historic customs and make choosing the bridal party a tradition that works for you. Remember, the more personal you make these proposals and the people you choose to propose to — the more memorable and meaningful for all involved. 

Master the Element of Surprise.

C’mon, you know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. Surprise is sexy.

All of the most talked-about proposals came when least expected. Planning a proposal for your bridal party is no different. Make it unforgettable (and impossible to say ‘no’!)

Consider throwing a Proposal Brunch.

Of course, this only works when your crew is local and more or less on the same schedule. Lead them to believe it’s a little engagement party – and give them the surrrrrprise proposal in a gift box just before dessert (No! Don’t open it yet!) It’s the perfect opportunity to give a heartfelt speech to the people in the room and make them cry (just a little!) before asking them to open their gift boxes that reveal your proposition … simultaneously.

Image of friends doing a toast.

Long Distance Proposals have Unlimited Potential.

There’s no reason to feel restricted by the miles… the possibilities are endless! Reveal the big question “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” with a box of puzzle pieces, a customized fortune cookie, a word scramble, or post an Insta-video. No matter the budget— the name of the game is F.U.N. 

Image of opened Greetabl gift.

Razzle Dazzle not your thing?

Don’t feel the pressure to do more than matches the essence of who you are. Some of the loveliest weddings are simple and classic, as are the marriage proposals— because that is what the happy couple feels most comfortable with. And there is something incredibly romantic about the “Less is More” concept.  Make no mistake, uncomplicated proposals can be every bit as delightful as your friendships. Sometimes, a sweet and thoughtful card that shows what the friendship means to you is all it takes…or… never underestimate the in-person ask– which almost always comes with a world-class hug. Priceless. Absolutely.

Make no mistake, choosing someone to stand next to you on your big day is a big deal. It’s a great honor to be asked, and the proposal should reflect the nobility of the role.  No matter how many times they might have been asked before — what’s important is that this one is for you.

Too many people to ask? 

Don’t sweat it, sweetie. Ancient Roman law required at least 10 witnesses to be present at the wedding ceremony, which was considered a precursor to the bridal party tradition. According to marriage custom, many bridesmaids and groomsmen were expected to dress exactly like the bride and groom to throw off any evil spirits (or jealous ex-boyfriends) who might try to come between the newlyweds. Um – that’s kinda cray, right?? (or is it….?)

We all know that the bridal party serves an important role – planning parties, letting the party planner pick out a dress for them (Please let it be my color!), and standing by the happy couple as they vow to love one another ‘til death do them part. That’s why a bridesmaid proposal is a memorable and meaningful way to let your friends know just how much you care for their support.