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The Best DIY Projects for Your Next Girls Night
We’ve scoured the internet (okay Pinterest because duh) and found all the best girl’s night DIY projects for you and your besties to do together! Everyone has different experience levels with crafting, so we’re going with projects that anyone and everyone can do. We like to think of this DIY idea collection as where pretty meets
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Meet the Greetabl Galentines!
Greetabl thinks that supporting female friendships never goes out of style no matter what day of year it is, so we’re sharing our official Greetabl Galentines with you. We asked everyday women to tell us what makes their best friends so amazing. And the outpouring of love and inspiration we got back completely blew us away!!!
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Why Being Single is Everything!
Another Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so with all the focus on romantic love going around out there, we want to take a minute to show some love to all the #SingleLadies (and all single peeps, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take advantage of a Bey reference) and talk about why being single
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