10 Overlooked People You Should Celebrate This Galentine's Day

10 Overlooked People You Should Celebrate This Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day is all about ladies celebrating ladies. Of course, that includes the Monica to your Rachel, the Blair to your Serena, the Leslie to your Ann (is that enough examples? Did we take it too far?), but it also includes other women in your life who might not be in your squad group text, but have had just as big of an impact on who you are.

Here are 10 often-overlooked people you could celebrate this Galentine’s Day:

  1. Your mom
  2. Your bestie’s mom!
  3. The ladies who always have your back at work
  4. Faraway aunts, cousins, and sisters
  5. Contractors who have helped your business grow
  6. The women you worked with in past jobs
  7. Someone you look up to professionally
  8. Your childhood BFF
  9. Female mentors who have helped you get where you are today
  10. Your grandma

Galentine’s Gift Ideas

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate the women in your life this Galentine’s Day. From a simple text message to a surprise trip to visit, every gesture has the potential to make someone’s day (there are no acts of kindness too small!). But if you’d like to send a gift, we’ve rounded up our favorite Galentine’s pairings.

Galentine’s Gift for Mom

Design: Sweet Stems

Gift: Champagne Bubbles

Say thanks-a-million-billion with this gorgeous (totally her) print and a box of mouthwatering Champagne Bubbles. And combine it with a message that lets mom know how much you look up to her. We promise she’ll love it!

Click here to send this gorgeous gift combo!

Greetabl box unfolded for display with wedding pictures and Champagne Bubbles gummy candy

Galentine’s Gift for Your Bestie’s Mom

Design: DŌ Sprinkles Print

Gift: DŌ Sprinkles

How many times has she made you cookies? Too many to count, right? Thank the woman who’s not your mom but kinda is with the perfect gift to replenish her baking supply stash. You know, to make up for all the times you ate all the food in her house. Bonus: this print is suuuuuper cute!

Click here to send this all-things-sweet combination!

Galentine’s Gift for Your Female Coworkers

Design: Girls Run the World Print

Gift: Peach Bellini Gummy Hearts

These ladies have your back through thick and thin, so thank them with the best girl power box design! Pair the design with the Peach Bellini Gummy Hearts for the perfect gift. They’re super cute and pack a little sour punch; if that isn’t perfect for your work crew, we don’t know what is!

Click here to send this #GirlPower 💪 combo!

Galentine’s Gift for Relatives

Design: BFF Paradise Print

Gift: Bottomless Mimosas Candle

Can’t make it to the family gals brunch because you live waaayyy too far away? We’ve got you, boo. Send the Bottomless Mimosa Candle to let them know you’ll be there in spirit. (Because gifts + FaceTime is better than FaceTime without gifts).

Click here to send this brunch in a box combo!

Galentine’s Gift for Contractors Who Have Helped You Grow Your Business

Design: Leslie Knope Print

Gift: Pineapple Gummy Rings

Without her, your business wouldn’t be where it is today. Say thanks with the perfect gift for go-getters: the Leslie Knope print. Because you care a lot. It’s kinda your thing.

Click here to send this gift inspired by the queen of Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Gift for the Women You Worked With in Past Jobs

Design: Squad Goals Print

Gift: BFF Emoji Pin

Step one: send this gift combo. Step two: sit back and wait for the “Stop it. How are you so amazing?” text. Step three: Rinse, repeat, whatever. This is literally the best thing to send to the work wife from your past life.

Click here to send this digitally-inspired IRL gift!

Galentine’s Gift for Someone you Look Up to Professionally

Design: Cheers to You

Gift: Champagne Bubbles

What better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than with a toast? Say cheers with a box of mouthwatering Champagne Bubbles and this perfectly paired Cheers to You print. Let her know how much you look up to her with a custom message and the perfect photos from our library.

Click here to send this gorgeous gift combo!

Greetabl box unfolded for display with wedding pictures and Champagne Bubbles gummy candy

Galentine’s Gift for Your Childhood BFF

Design: Confetti Party

Gift: Mini Donkey Piñata

Ain’t no party like a confetti party (bonus points if it’s paired with a piñata). Send a super celebratory gift that’s just party-perfect for your bestie! The Confetti Party design and Mini Donkey Piñata gift are a match made in party heaven (which is definitely a thing – we didn’t make it up).

Click here to send a gift that parties all night long.

Galentine’s Gift for Female Mentors

Design: Fresh Palms Print

Gift: Coconut Milk Mango Candle

This combination makes for a heartfelt and personal thank you gift for the woman who has invested in your personal and professional development. The Fresh Palms Print + Coconut Milk Mango candle (which smells wonderful, it’s a Team Greetabl favorite!) will remind her of blissful summer days and help her get through the bleh part of winter.

Click here to send this tropical print and gift combination!

Greetabl gift box unfolded for display with candle

Galentine’s Gift for Grandma

Design: Heart Mania Print

Gift: Green Tea Soap

What says “Grandma” better than a box covered in pink hearts? Show grandma how much you love her with a gift that’s sure to make her smile. Plus, what grandma doesn’t love photos of her grandkids?!

Click here to send this gorgeous gift combo!