The Best DIY Projects for Your Next Girls Night

The Best DIY Projects for Your Next Girls Night

We’ve scoured the internet (okay Pinterest because duh) and found all the best girl’s night DIY projects for you and your besties to do together! Everyone has different experience levels with crafting, so we’re going with projects that anyone and everyone can do.

We like to think of this DIY idea collection as where pretty meets pretty easy. 💁

Beauty / Jewelry

Woven Chain Bracelets

Get together with your bestie and give the friendship bracelets of your childhood an upgrade!

Make woven bracelets like this!

Bobby Pin Necklace

The words alone sound a little suspect, but the end result is SO cute! How easy and creative to paint bobby pins and turn them into a necklace? We are here for this, because TBH if you don’t use them for this your cat will just bat them all under your couch anyway.

See how cute a bobby pin necklace can be.

Sugar Scrubs

If you’re unapologetically addicted to chapstick, no need to share when one of you looses one anymore (though you’re always there to!). This could be a fun way to supplement your habit with a cheaper, DIY alternative.

Lavender and Mint Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

Grapefruit Sugar scrub
Photo by Modern Mom Life blog

Jewelry Holders

We could all use a little extra organization in our lives! Help each other make some super cute jewelry holders for all the cute things you’ll inevitably borrow from each other.

Check out this simple & chic option.

Home / Everyday

No Sew Fleece Blankets

It’s pretty much the perfect scenario. You’ll need something to cover up with when the evening turns into the usual binge of old Gossip Girl episodes over wine. (Just being honest with ourselves. 🤷)

Learn how to ditch the sewing kit.

Phone Cases

Since you already know you’ll be spending most of your days texting each other, it makes sense to spend some face-to-face time helping each other make the cutest phone cases ever. With handy-dandy household materials, too!

Polka dot polish case.

Super cool color gradient case.

Turquoise easy paint chip phone case
Photo by Plaster & Disaster blog

Floral Wreaths

The best thing about floral wreaths is that they’re always in season! Just change up the color scheme a little and  you’ve got something perfect for any day of the year. Team up with your BFF to design pretty floral wreaths that will brighten up your homes.

Simple Spring wreath.

Easy Fall floral wreath.

Food & Drink

Rosemary Grapefruit Cocktail

This one is way too pretty not to try out! Drink up in style when you make drinks with your bestie that are perfect for selfies.

Learn how to make this.

Rosemary Grapefruit cocktails
Photo by Tell Me Tuesday blog

Roasted Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese

Cheese and carbs, it’s the best combo since you and your bestie. Just thinking of mac ‘n cheese puts a smile on pretty much everyone’s face. There is literally no more comforting feeling in the world than diving into a big bowl of pasta alongside your person, so get cooking.

Cook your own pot of cheesy goodness.

Skinny Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake

This recipe boasts only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to make, so why NOT try it out?! Whip up a delicious milkshake with you bestie to treat yourselves, you totally deserve it.

Indulge your sweet tooth on the healthier side!

Hope you all have so much fun with these perfect girl’s night DIY projects!