Meet the Greetabl Galentines!

Meet the Greetabl Galentines!

Greetabl thinks that supporting female friendships never goes out of style no matter what day of year it is, so we’re sharing our official Greetabl Galentines with you. We asked everyday women to tell us what makes their best friends so amazing. And the outpouring of love and inspiration we got back completely blew us away!!!

And though we’re obviously posting our Greetabl Galentines in the spirit of Galentine’s Day, the incredible true words that all of these women had to say about one another will keep you feelin’ warm and fuzzy for friendship all year long:

Meet The Greetabl Galentines

Greetabl Galentines: Myra + Sarah

Here is what our Greetabl Galentine Myra had to say about her sweet bestie, Sarah:

Q: Why is she your Galentine?

A: She is the wind beneath my wings and also my wings and also the feathers. (<– Side note: that’s Greetabl’s new favorite quote of all time!) She pushes me to be the best I can be and supports me and makes sure I eat before I get hangry. We traveled the world together and we’re working on conquering our careers to be the best girl bosses we can be.

Friends, Myra and Sarah, standing next to each other holding a trophy.

Q: If you could bring one celebrity into your BFF squad who would it be?

A: Rashida Jones

Friends Myra and Sarah standing next to each other in front of a tree.

Q: What’s your favorite memory or inside joke with your bestie?

A: “I am a beautiful red sweater…and here is my shitty friend…” -Bohus our photography professor in Vienna, Austria.

Friends Myra and Sarah standing next to each other in front of a blue painting.

Greetabl Galentines: Alex + Teighlor

The amazing Alex had this to say about her best friend Teighlor:

Q: Why is she your Galentine?

A: She’s everything we love about Lorelei Gilmore with the spice of Emily. And when I’m sad she brings me pizza so what more could I need in a friend?!

Friends Alex and Teighlor posing next to each other smiling.

Q: If you could bring one celebrity into your BFF squad who would it be?

A: Oprah

Friends Alex and Teighlor standing next to each other wearing dresses.

Q: What’s your favorite memory or inside joke with your bestie?

A: The roads trips we have taken in college. So many of my favorite moments are from those trips ❤

Black and white image of friends, Alex and Teighlor, in a city.

Greetabl Galentines: Holland + Caitlin

Galentine extraordinaire Holland said this about bestie Caitlin:

Q: Why is she your Galentine?

A: She supports my humor, loves me when I’m difficult, and is always up for a friendventure! (friend adventure) We live together but sometimes call each other on the way home, finish sentences and during road trips she is my soprano to my alto when it is Broadway hour! She is kind, gracious and a good amount of sassy. She is also the most fashionable person I know, she keeps me looking fresh! <3 She also adores chocolate and I adore vanilla, its adorable!

Friends Holland and Caitlin standing next to each other in front of a blue, pink, green, yellow and orange wall.

Q: If you could bring one celebrity into your BFF squad who would it be?

A: “We enjoy fashion bloggers and are continually inspired by Noelle Downing and Rachel Martino. They are dear friends, we love seeing what they do on friend dates and may coordinate our outfits like them as well :)”

Friends Holland and Caitlin standing next to each other holding water skis.

Q: What’s your favorite memory or inside joke with your bestie?

A: We go on camping trips in my VW van, on these trips we have engine issues and failures galore, we always laugh through them and our friends and family are now always on standby during our adventures. Mostly we run out of gas because there is no gas gauge, we will never learn, but goodness do we have good laughs!

Friends Holland and Caitlin sitting on top of a yellow Volkswagen van.

Greetabl Galentines: Brittany + Haley

Brittany had these beautiful words to say about her BFF Haley:

Q: Why is she your galentine?

A: She’s the most intelligent person I know. I literally tell everyone she’s a baby genius. She works hard and is the definition of a girl boss. We’ve been friends since high school and when we graduated she moved 4 hours away, but that’s never hindered our friendship. She was just my maid of honor! She’s funny, stylish, charismatic, and beautiful. The epitome of the total package.

Friends Brittany and Haley hugging each other.

Q: If you could bring one celebrity into your BFF squad who would it be?

A: Kerry Washington or Kristen Bell

Friends Brittany and Haley wearing dresses at a wedding.

Q: What’s your favorite memory or inside joke with your bestie?

A: Our senior year of high school was right at the beginning of the one direction craze (six years ago), and Haley and I were obsessed from day one. We made a separate twitter account dedicated to asking them to prom. It was embarrassing and wild, but it’s hilarious to us and the rest of our friends now. Also, just for fun one time while we were packing up my old room, we found blow pens and gave each other blow pen face tattoos.⠀

Friends Brittany and Haley posing with sunglasses on outside.

Greetabl Galentines: Asia + Yolanda

Soooo we’re basically obsessed with besties Asia and Yolanda, who both submitted each other as Greetabl Galentines! Cue the happy waterworks.

Q: Why is she your Galentine?

A: Yolanda says: “Asia is the most humble, nurturing and caring person I have ever met. She puts others first before herself. Whenever I’ve needed someone to turn to and give me an honest opinion either it be good or bad, she’ll give it to me. I love that she’s silly, intelligent and we have so much in common. We’ve been friends since high school, that’s 5 years of friendship!”

And Asia says: “She has had my back through everything. She stands up for me when I can’t be heard. She’s also an amazing mom to her daughter. She looks out for everyone and pays attention to small details. Plus she has thick skin. I always look up to her.”

Friends Asia and Yolanda posing in front of a sculpture.

Q: If you could bring one celebrity into your BFF squad who would it be?

A: Yolanda said DJ Khaled and Asia said Drake.

Friends Asia and Yolanda posing in front of a house.

Q: What’s your favorite memory or inside joke with your bestie?

A: Yolanda said “My birthday in San Diego”

And Asia said “Our random LA trips are always fun. We always hit up boutiques or museums. But in high school, we’d always quote Sadie from MTV’s Awkward. “You’re welcome,” was always directed at others and we’d just giggle.”

Friends Asia and Yolanda standing next to each other smiling.

The Complete Collection of Friendship Feels

“She is my best friend soulmate. She’s the big sister I never had, my go-to gal for my spontaneous adventure needs, the recipient of all my Spotify song finds, and my biggest fan. We’re total opposites, but when my creative ways and her analytical disposition collide, it’s the most beautifully chaotic combination.”

– Sydney about her BFF Jenny

“We were friendship-love at first sight. We had gone to the same undergraduate university, but didn’t really know each other. We ended up at the same grad school in Scotland and, though each of us was sure we wouldn’t really like the other, it would’ve been rude not to get together at least once, and so we did. And the friendship sparks just flew! Who would’ve guessed?! Brooke’s warmth, openness, sense of humor, and depth of character made her an instant friend for life. We spend the 12 months of grad school practically inseparable. That was seven years ago and we’ve never lived in the same place since, but our friendship has grown and grown, no matter how far away we live from one another. Brooke is faithful, wise, patient, full of adventures, and a great person to have in your corner–or stand beside you (she was my maid of honor this summer!). We will be best friends forever.”

– Anna about her BFF Brooke

“She is my best friend and soulmate. Caroline is brilliant, warm, honest, magical, thoughtful. I could list forever. Her sense of humor is at once ebullient and dark. She is a sparkly unicorn, who happens to be dripping with venom. She is the Slytherin to my Gryffindor, the person to remind me to be out for MYSELF, because that is who I am accountable to. Just knowing she exists in the world is an anti-depressant. Knowing her is such a gift. When either of us has a bad day, we like to touch base with the other one: “Can I please hear about your day? What’s your favorite thing you ate/will eat? What’re you wearing? Who sucks, who rules? What’s the best part so far?” As long as one of us is having a good time, it will buoy the other’s mood.”

– Jenna about her BFF Caroline (who pointed out that Galentine Caroline rhymes and we couldn’t appreciate you more for that, Jenna)

“She is a badass. She is living her best life by taking risks and challenging herself on the regular. She does all this while being the most supportive, thoughtful bestie. She always knows what to say and we have the best time together.”

– Brie about her BFF Janey

“We met at a middle school youth retreat. I didn’t bring snow boots & she offered to give me a piggy back ride in the snow to the dining hall. Ever since then, we’ve been best friends. We grew up in different areas but went to church together. When we went to college, we studied the same major at Maryland & were roommates for 3 years. Since then, we’ve seen each other through the toughest times in our lives but also the most joyous. Although now we live on opposite coasts (east & west), we’re always there for each other & will always support each other.”

– Hannah about her BFF Sandy

“We’ve been friends for 10 years and shes always there for me. At this point, she’s more like a sister. Not to mention she’s an amazing fashion blogger.”

-Tia about her BFF Shar

“Because she’s very caring and thoughtful. Excellent at the comfortable silence. Perfect travel buddy who is always down to see the world. Enjoy getting uncomfortable in other environments. So many GRAND things.”

-Jess about her BFF Heather

“Syd is that best friend that everyone dreams about having but never really gets the chance to experience. She understands me on such a deep level that no one else has before. She is genuinely a great human and has a caring soul like I’ve never seen before. She has a passion to ensure those around her are happy and harnessing their adventurous side. She is my Christina, my person!”

-Jenny about her BFF Sydney

“We first met freshman year of high school and managed to be in the same gym class every year. We’ve been friends almost 10 years now and she has been nothing but incredibly supportive, loving, and fun. She knows me all too well and we constantly remind each other of our beatuies and strengths. With her support I feel I can achieve anything! We celebrate each other, and our friendiversary every year.”

-Anna about her BFF Shefali

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