10 Random Acts of Kindness that Will Change the World

10 Random Acts of Kindness that Will Change the World

Random acts of kindness change the world. We really, truly believe that they do. In the same way that good things often come in small packages, small acts have a large ripple effect.

Being kind to others should be a priority every day of the year, buttttttt February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and that’s a major cause for celebration! 🎉


We can and should all do our part to make sure our actions are spreading positivity. Here are 10 simple things you can do on the daily to make the world a better place:

Hold the door for others, and hold the elevator door if you can hear that someone else is approaching.

Leave encouraging notes hidden in random places for people to find.

Side of a building with a sign that says, "Hello beautiful."

Leave a positive review of a local business to help them attract more customers. In general, leaving positive reviews is a kind gesture that is often overlooked. It’s easy to take to the ratings and comment boards after a negative experience, but we should also remember to spread the love for our favorite establishments.

Offer to let someone cut you in line.

Donate! From clothes and feminine products to electronics and cars, the decision to donate brand new or good condition items you’re no longer using is one of the kindest things we can do for our fellow man.

“Pay it backward” at the drive-through.

Image of the dashboard of a car while driving.

Make it rain compliments. “Brilliant idea!” “Awesome job today!” “Great sweater!” People accomplish great things and rock awesome looks every day, and we should totally let each other know that we’re here for it.

Leave spare quarters at the laundromat.

Genuinely listen when people talk to you. Ask questions and reiterate what they’ve said when appropriate to show that you’re engaged. Sometimes, just being heard is exactly what someone needed and it can make their day.

Send a ‘Just Because’ present to someone you love! Chances are, they’d love a surprise Greetabl full of treats & kind words at their doorstep. 😉

Woman holding an opened Greetabl gift box smiling.

 Always Be Kind To #1

So yes, random acts of kindness change the world, there’s no doubt about it. That being said, we want to make it clear you don’t owe them to anyone (that’s pretty much why they’re so random and so kind).

For example, it’s for this reason that ‘smile at people/strangers’ is not listed here. If you feel so inclined to smile at strangers, do your thing! But if you’re walking around minding your business, and someone on the street tells you to smile, they have some deeper issues going on (rhymes with smisogyny). Basically, you need to give out random acts of kindness actions on your own terms, when and where you feel comfortable.

Kindness flows from within, so remember to be kind to yourself too!