Staying in Touch with Sorority Sisters After College

Staying in Touch with Sorority Sisters After College

Your sorority sisters will always be part of your life, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everyone after graduation. With hundreds (or thousands!) of miles between you, busy work schedules, and growing families, how can you make sure that you’re investing in the friendship for the long haul? Here are our top five favorite ways to reach out and show you care!

Top Five Ways to Stay in Touch After Graduation:

  1. Send a Gift for Important Life Events:
    Celebrate your sisters for all of the moments that make life special: weddings, new babies, promotions and new jobs, buying a new home, or making a big move are all perfect opportunities to send a gift to show you’re thinking of her and that you care about what’s happening in her life.

    Don’t forget to celebrate the people in her life who matter most, too! If she has children, sending a small gift for a fun holiday like Halloween or on an important milestone, like a baptism, the first day of school, an important sport or artistic achievement, or graduation, can go a long way to showing your sister how much you care.

    Looking for something celebratory and fun to send? We’re a little biased, but we definitely recommend the Gold Confetti Design from!

  2. Reach Out After a Loss or Tragedy:
    It’s a harsh reality, but all of us eventually face some difficult moments. Reach out to your sister after the loss of a parent, loss of a job, or even the loss of a beloved pet. Sometimes even the smallest gesture can make a big impact when someone is going through a difficult time.

    If you need some inspiration for just the right words to say, check out our Tough Times Shop. We have sample message suggestions for a wide range of hard circumstances, and you can copy and paste them into an email, write them in a card, send them in a text, or add them to a Greetabl gift with one quick click.

  3. Meet Up for Homecoming or Other Alumni Events:
    One fun way to stay in each other’s lives is to pick a sports or alumni event to meet up at every year. This is an easy way to make sure you get to see your sister at least once a year, and an added bonus is that it will only get better as you get to know spouses, partners, or children.

    Does your school do a big alumni picnic for homecoming? Is there a certain basketball rivalry game that was always a big deal when you were students? Find something that connects with you and then drop it on the calendar!

  4. Host Watch Parties, Tailgates, or Other Casual Get-Togethers:
    If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance of your sorority sisters, you can keep the good times rolling by hosting casual get-togethers for them and their families. Watch parties for football or basketball games (or The Bachelor if that’s more your speed — we totally get it!) are a fun, low-pressure way to get the gang back together.

    Even if you don’t all live nearby, you can still have occasional virtual “get-togethers,” even if that means getting creative. Use Zoom or another video chat app to loop in the out-of-towners, have a Netflix Party, or try a virtual game night with the House Party app or Quiplash.

  5. Keep Communication Flowing:
    The easiest way to stay in touch is also sometimes the easiest to forget: just keep talking! Send her a text to tell her you’re thinking of her, call her on her birthday, schedule weekly or monthly FaceTime dates, and stay connected on social media. It may not seem like a lot, but engaging with her posts on Facebook or Instagram is actually a really great way to stay up on what’s going on in her life and to show her that you are interested in what matters to her.

    Even if you have already let the communication fizzle out over time, it’s never too late to reconnect! Start reacting to her IG Stories, liking posts on Facebook, and send a quick happy birthday text. Let her know that you miss her and that you want to do a better job of staying in touch from here on out.

    PS – We think sending a Greetabl gift is a really fun way to jumpstart the conversation if you haven’t been in touch in a while. 😉

The bottom line? There are so many different ways to stay in touch and show your sorority sisters that you care. Do the things that feel natural to you, but be really intentional about them. It’s really easy to get caught up in the business of everyday life, so whatever you want to do to stay in touch should get added to your planner, a to-do list app, or any other organizational tool that you love. Greetabl also has a Reminders Tool to help you remember important dates. Click here to learn more.