What to Do When Your Bestie Gets Engaged

What to Do When Your Bestie Gets Engaged

Your BFF just got engaged! YAY! Now what are you supposed to do as her ride or die? The first big engagement in your life can feel a little intimidating. After all, this is your best friend, not some rando on Facebook, and you want to make her engagement extra special. (Don’t worry – we’ve all been there)! Here are six quick tips to help keep the excitement going from “I said YES” to “I do!”

1. Say Congrats!

Do this IMMEDIATELY! Your best friend getting married calls for celebration! 🎉🍾Make sure you send a congratulatory text or Facetime as soon as possible to let her know how excited you are. Don’t be afraid to congratulate the new couple more than once; they’re probably feeling pretty giddy and will welcome all the heartfelt excitement that comes their way. If she posts an announcement on social media, make sure you like or comment on the post, even if you’ve already congratulated her privately.

Need help with what to say? Here’s our suggestion on how to say congrats to a newly engaged friend:

“Congrats on your engagement, you two are absolutely perfect together!! Ready to start celebrating whenever you are. Can’t wait to shower you in love ❤️”

2. Give Her an Engagement Gift

Just got the most amazing news? Time to pick a gift! Engagement gifts are a fun way to kick off the celebration and give the bride-to-be a little bit of love right away (after all, the wedding shower is still months away). Some of the most common engagement gifts are:

  • Ring trays
  • Bridal magazines, books, and planning binders
  • Countdown calendars
  • Flowers
  • Cupcake deliveries
  • Bottle of champagne
  • ANYTHING that says “bride” or “Future Mrs” 😉
  • Massage or spa gift card
  • Her favorite candy

3. Offer to Help

Planning a wedding is a LOT of work. Let your best friend know you have her back by offering to help any way you can. Whether it’s picking up stationary samples on your way home from work, helping her look at venues, or staying up late assembling gift bags for the guests, there’s definitely something you can do to help make the bride’s life easier.

Let her know that there’s no expiration date on your offer. Even if there’s nothing you can help with right now, you’re here for her and you’re happy to jump in when she needs you.

4. Be There for Her

Sometimes your bestie isn’t going to need any practical help, she’ll just need a listening ear. Let her know you’re there for her when she needs to vent. She probably doesn’t need any advice, but you can remind her that it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed if you think that would help. No one knows your BFF like you do, so just do what feels right and you can’t go wrong.

5. Send a Wedding Planning Pick-Me-Up

After the initial excitement of the engagement wears off, wedding planning stress has a tendency to take over. Send your bestie a little extra love to help her make it through the planning process or to brighten her day after a setback.

For example, if the wedding venue she had her heart set on falls through, or you find out she’s having a difficult time with her future mother-in-law, you can send a small gift in the mail to let her know you’re thinking about her. Plus, it helps keep the excitement going!

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6. Start Planning the Wedding Shower or Bachelorette Party

If you are in the wedding party, chances are you are responsible for planning some of the pre-wedding festivities. (Check with the bride and other bridesmaids before you start planning anything, though, to make sure you know who is responsible for what!). One thing you can start doing immediately is saving money for the wedding shower or bachelorette party. The costs of being in a wedding can add up quickly and it never hurts to start setting aside funds early.

Once you’re clear on your responsibilities, it’s time to start planning the party! Our friends at WeddingWire have a great step-by-step guide that will walk you through the planning process. The big takeaway? Keep the bride’s preferences and opinions in mind when planning the event. Surprises are fun, but it’s perfectly okay to ask the bride who she feels about something if you aren’t sure.

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Bonus: Have Fun!

As nervous as you might be about the big day, make sure you enjoy the process. Don’t forget to have some fun in between dress fittings, shower planning sessions, and all the other wedding craziness. After all, this is one of the most exciting times in your bestie’s life! It definitely calls for champagne and maybe a few pajama parties. 💃