Your Gift Guide to a Virtual 'Bachelorette' Watch Party

Your Gift Guide to a Virtual 'Bachelorette' Watch Party

We have watched every major league sport make a return. We have patiently sat through the MLB, NFL, and NBA dominating our Monday nights. Fans of ABC’s The ‘Bachelorette’ (isn’t that everyone?), we couldn’t be more excited our favorite sport is back.

Not a single limo has pulled up and Claire Crawley’s season has already promised a lot of drama. First, a possible switch of her place as the lead. Not to mention, the group is ‘quarantined’ together at a resort due to COVID. Maybe Chris Harrison is finally right: we are in for The Most Dramatic Season Ever.

The only downfall? The ‘Bachelorette’ is just better watched with friends. So if you’re missing your bach wine nights with your crew, we recommend throwing a watch party or live-chatting throughout the premier. Voice memos are a great way to talk in real-time with your bestie (and saves your thumbs a lot of effort!).

To take your guilty pleasure TV night to the next level, send your squad a Greetabl gift to catch the spirit. Your besties will adore their gift faster than the contestants who say ‘I love you’ during their first one-on-one.

Here are 6 gift ideas to send to your reality-TV obsessed besties:

The Bachelorette Greetabl Gift Ideas

Rosé Roses

Image of Rosé Roses

Will you accept this Rosé? (Sorry we had to!) These gummies from Sugarfina are a crowd favorite and perfect for any recipient. Eat one every time someone says, “Can I steal you for a sec?”.

Rosehip Facial Serum

Image of rosehip oil

Made with unrefined cold-pressed rosehip oil and scented with Geranium essential oil so you can be sure you’re sending only the best for your bestie’s skin. Perfect for your pal to watch the drama while giving their skin a little TLC.

Bouquet of Flowers

Image of Bouquet of Flower Gummies

Send a bouquet of flowers that never die. We love this option to fit with the theme… and they taste delicious!

Set of Tealight Candles

Image of Tealight Candles

There’s nothing ‘zen’ about the drama of the Bachelor franchise, but that doesn’t mean your atmosphere can’t be! Send some candles to your long-distance BFFs to light over frozen pizza, wine, and commercial breaks.

Cheers to Love Champagne Bears

Image of Cheers to Love Champagne Gummies

Pop the champagne… without the mess of another Champagne Gate (iykyk). The Cheers to Love Bears are 100% necessary to have around while watching the awkwardness of a group date unfold.

The Bachelorette Greetabl Design Ideas

XO Happy Mail

Image of XO Mail Print

Hugs and Kisses via snail mail. This Greetabl’s version of a date card.

Drinking Wine With You

Image of Drinking Wine With You Print

Bottles aren’t as fun to pop solo. Send this design to the friends you miss drinking wine with.

Heart Mania

Image of Heart Mania Print

Could this BE any cuter? This Greetabl design gets the first impression rose every time.

Conversation Hearts

Image of Conversation Hearts Print

All the feels rolled into a single print. This design is perfect enough to make it to hometowns.

XOXO Print

Image of XO Print

Classic, chic, and oh-so-cute! The XOXO Print is a Greetabl classic, just like the perfect gentlemen.

Scribble Heart

Image of Scribble Heart Print

Because sometimes the road to love on national television is a bit messy.