Feature Overview: Custom Color Designs

Feature Overview: Custom Color Designs

Did you know that Greetabl offers the ability to create custom color designs? Choose a color that matches your branding, wedding colors, special event or occasion, or that’s just your fave to add a new level of personalization to your gift. It’s hex codes and color charts galore over here! Go crazy, you deserve it.

How to Use Custom Color Prints

To identify custom color prints in the builder, just look for this handy little pick your color symbol:


When you select your custom color print, you’ll proceed through the builder like normal – it will initially show up in your creation as black and white. Go ahead and pick your gift, then move on to the personalize page (where the magic happens!).

On the left side of the personalize page, you’ll see a few options to customize your design. The last option is “Print Color.” If you have one of the custom color designs in your build, you’ll be able to pick any color from our color picker. You can type in a color (like purple or blue), pick from a color wheel, or type in the hex value of your favorite color 🙂

Screenshot of Custom Color feature in Greetabl's builder

Choosing a Color for Your Gift

Custom Color designs can be a fun way to inject (even more) personality into your Greetabl gifts. This is perfect if you’re using your Greetabl gifts as invitations or favors for a special event and want the gift to match the color theme you’ve already chosen, want to add a little extra holiday cheer, or if there is a specific color that is meaningful to your recipient. (We all have that one relative who lives in monochrome, right?).

Custom Colors for Holidays:

Sending a gift for a holiday? You can choose a custom color to make your gift look more on-theme! Here are a few suggestions (including hex codes!) to make it super easy for you:

Halloween Colors:

  • Dark (and spoooooky) Orange: #D97E00
  • Hocus Pocus Orange: #FF9D14
  • Ghostly Off White: #F7F1E9⁠
  • Dark-as-night-almost-black: #301C01⁠

Easter Colors:

  • The Lightest Princess Pink: #FFD4E5
  • Frolic-Through-the-Fields Lavender: #E0CDFF
  • Easter Egg Green: #B7D784
  • Bright Baby Blue: #BDE8EF

Colors for Thanksgiving and Beyond:

  • Fall Foliage Red: #9C2706
  • Acorn Squash Yellow: #F3BC2E
  • Mossy Green: #5F5426
  • Autumnal Orange: #D45B12

St. Patrick’s Day Colors:

  • Luck o’ the Irish Dark Green: #224D17
  • Leprechaun Gold: #D9DF1D
  • Four Leaf Clover Light Green: #60A830

Valentine’s Day Colors:

  • Burgundy: #5E081E
  • The Perfect “Is it red or is it pink”? Color: #B51A3A
  • Conversation Heart Light Pink: #E48397
  • So-Light-It’s-Almost-White Pink: #E4CDD3

Fourth of July Colors:

  • Red: #C41F40
  • White: #FFFBF0
  • Blue: #1E2D60

Summer Colors:

  • Tropical Blue: #15B2D3
  • Summah Time Yellow: #FFD700
  • Popsicle Pink: #FF598F

Other Fun Holiday (and kinda-sorta-holiday) Custom Color Ideas:

  • Red for Lunar New Year
  • Gold for Oscar Night
  • Pink or green for National Watermelon Day
  • Mint for Kentucky Derby Day (Get it? Because of mint juleps!)
  • Rose-red for the Rose Bowl or Rose Parade
  • Blue for National Blueberry Pancake Day
  • Burgundy for National Drink Wine Day
  • Any shade of blue for National Denim Day (bonus points if you include some photos featuring ahmaazing 80’s or 90’s denim trends)

Your Brand Colors:

One of the most popular ways to use custom color designs is with brand colors. Don’t know the hex code value for your brand color? One easy way to find it is to use Google’s color picker tool to enter the RGB or CMYK value – then Google will give you the hex code that matches your brand color.

Which color should you choose? Our designers recommend selecting whichever color is more recognizable as “you.” The goal is for your gift to be a physical extension of your brand, after all, so we always suggest picking one of your dominant brand colors. A quick rule of thumb: use the color you would use for a one-color logo, the background of your business card, or the main color on your website.

Want to take your branding to the next level? Check out Insider Pro and you can really flex your creative muscles by uploading your own custom print design that features your branding, and include your logo on a customized insert card.

Can I Leave the Design Black & White?

Yes! You can leave a custom design in black and white. The designs default to black, so simply select the design you want and then don’t make any changes to the hex code in the personalize page. It’s as easy as that! Here are a few of our favorite occasions to send a black and white design:

  • For a spooky day like Friday the 13th or Halloween
  • As an invitation or favor for an event with a black and white color scheme
  • To honor the April Ludgate in your life
  • When you want something understated for a more professional look
  • For a classic movie buff
  • When sending a note of sympathy
Greetabl gift box

Other Custom Color Ideas

Looking for more colors to customize your gift? CodeofColors.com has tons of options to get you started! Try browsing colors of your favorite sports team or searching by color family to find your new signature color. You can also just jump into the color picker on the Greetabl website and play around until you find something you love. Here are a few other ways Greetabl customers have used custom colors:

  • Weddings and special events
  • To honor a cause that’s close to their hearts (for example, Autism awareness)
  • School colors
  • Sport team colors as an end-of-the-season thank you for your coach
  • Sorority or fraternity colors

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