Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Oh, hey there! Welcome to the Greetabl Blog!

Maybe you’re just meeting Greetabl for the first time. Maybe you already know of us, but would like to know more. Or maybe you’re here because you love us (we love you too!) and want to see what we’re up to next.

Either way, we’re here to introduce ourselves by answering a few of the questions you might have right now, or have asked yourself at some point in time:

Who Is Greetabl?

That question actually gets you a two-for-one answer, because Greetabl is the name of our company as well as the name of our product.

Co-Founder Zoë Scharf & Founder Joe Fischer
(Pictured: Co-Founder Zoë Scharf & Founder Joe Fischer)

The concept of Greetabl started with a wedding invitation addressed to our founder, Joe Fischer. A practical guy, he liked the immediate value of sending a check with a heartfelt note. He also realized this was the most important message he’d ever write to the couple, and that it’s so much more fun to open up a gift than an envelope.

So Joe took it upon himself to fix that problem. He grabbed an old Bear Sterns gym bag from his days in investment banking and converted it into a crafting supply kit.

From there the idea of a whole new, personalized gifting option was born. A few years and product iterations later, we’re still here to make gifting easier and more creative; for special occasions, thank you’s, congratulations or just because.

What Does A Greetabl Include?

We like to think it’s a the ideal solution for the gifting gap; a pretty nice upgrade from a classic greeting card, but way less expensive than flowers or chocolates.

To send your loved one a Greetabl, you first choose a box design. These beautiful prints are sourced from our amazing community of artists all around the country. Then you choose from a selection of fun gifts, also curated from some awesome makers.

^ Fun fact for those of you just meeting us: While building a Greetabl, you can read about the talented individuals who make the print and gift options we provide by clicking on the name of the product. And actually, we suggest that you do! It makes the selection process way more personal & fun.

After you’ve chosen your gift and its package design, you move on to personalization. You can add a personal note and removable pictures that are revealed to the recipient when they unfold the box and lay it flat!

Greetabl box unfolded for display with candle and shipper box

All that’s left is entering your recipient’s address, and then we ship it for you, too!

That’s it. Easy peasy, huh?

So Why Start A Blog?

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re super into friendships. The goal of Greetabl and of this blog is simple: to help you be a better friend.

And our take on friendship is all-encompassing. Your friends include so much more than your lifelong besties and your weekend pals (though those relationships are definitely something special).

Siblings & cousins are your first friends.

Parents can be your friends.

Co-workers can be your friends.

Your significant other is usually your best friend.

And most importantly, you should have a relationship with yourself that’s as loving and accepting as all of those different friendships combined.

These connections are what make life so wonderful. So complex and fulfilling.

We want to help you remind your friends how much they mean to you, so we’re writing all about how to do just that.

Now What?

As this blog rolls out, expect to see topics from how to stay in touch over long distances, to fun friendship activities, to tips on better communication and stress management tactics.

We’re really, really excited and we hope you enjoy taking this journey with us. If you have any questions we didn’t cover, we’re happy to answer them. Just comment below!

Image with Greetabl gift boxes and text that says, "Who will you send to? Or better yet, who will you not send one to?! Everyone could use a little pick-me-up. Explore Greetabl"

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Taylor Nulk. I work at Apartment Therapy and our partner site Kitchn! I’ve been following Greetabl (and sending it!) since near the beginning of this amazing friend-filled good vibes journey! I’m OBSESSED with the fact that there is now an editorial component and would love to pitch a post to the greetabl blog:

    How to Be the Best Gifter (Even to Someone You Just Met) – Quick tips on gifting things that mean more (no more gift cards!) that will not only make you a better listener and more observant, but generally more thoughtful as well.

    I can be reached at the email provided above.

    Have a great day!

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