Furry Friends of Greetabl

Furry Friends of Greetabl

Here at Greetabl, friendship is kind of our thing, so it only makes sense that we would introduce the world to our BEST friends. The ones really pulling the strings around here (and chasing them).

Because I think we can all agree that cats & dogs > people.

So without further ado, meet our adorable pets, and hear what their servantsparents have to say about their purrrsonalities:


Parent: Zoë, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Zoë, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer's cat Leo

Leo, age 2: Loves arugula more than any human I know. 90% love / 10% evil.


Parent: Macklin, Operations Manger

Macklin's (Operations Manger) dog, Jubilee

Jubilee (Jubie), age 5: Drama queen and laziest dog all in one. Diva tendencies climb to the max when it’s raining outside. 9/10 can be found on the couch.


Parent: Macklin, Operations Manger

Macklin's (Operations Manger) dog, Gravy

Gravy (Bubba), 1: Loves to sleep under covers and has never met a stranger he didn’t like. Tennis ball is love of his life. Licking is his love language.


Parent: Macklin, Operations Manger

Macklin's (Operations Manger) cat, Bixby

Bixby (Brody Beans), age 6: Enjoys watching birds and escaping to the backyard to eat grass. Loves ice cream. Once climbed up a wall of curtains.


Parent: Ashley, Community Lead

Ashley's (Community Lead) cat, Marvin

Marvin: age 3. Always looks grumpy, but actually always wants to be held. Loves climbing on cabinets and giving hi fives.


Parent: Ashley, Community Lead

Ashley's (Community Lead) dog, Rue

Rue: age 1.5. Loves playing fetch, going on walks and cuddling like he is a lap dog.


Parent: Paige, Customer Happiness Manager

Black and white dog

Shiloh, age 5: Loves all the belly rubs, sneaking up on her sister, and sleeping 16+ hours a day.


Parent: Paige, Customer Happiness Manager

Brown dog with tongue hanging out

Lunatic (Luna), age 2: Total wild child. Enjoys pulling the stuffing out of toys (and eating it) and running circles in the backyard.


Parent: Andria, Content Strategist

Brown and white long-haired cat

Koda, age 4: An alpha male and a momma’s boy all at once. Though usually asleep, he is able to maintain his status as ruler of the household. Favorite thing: bread. Least favorite thing: Minerva.


Parent: Andria, Content Strategist

Gray cat with green eyes

Minerva (Mini), age 3: Chirps like a bird, pounces like a fox and wiggles like a worm when pet. Is somehow still a cat? Her eyes rival Harry Potter’s, but she’s named after Minerva McGonagall.

Schuylkill (Skoo-kull)

Parent: Katherine, Director of Operations

Brown and white dog

Schuylkill (Skooks) 2.5 years old: loyal sous chef, total princess, master of the perfectly timed sigh. Favorite thing: armadillo squeaky toy. Least favorite thing: balloons; never trust anything that moves but isn’t alive.


Parent: Rebecca, Photographer

Yellow Lab

Rally, age: 10. Country dog recently turned suburban socialite pooch. Lover of all carbs, tutus, and exploring the city for brunch (he thinks the bacon at Rise Coffee is fantastic).


Parent: Rebecca, Photographer

Black and white cat

Hatsaharu (Haru), age 8: Haru has been part of the family since the day he was born. Favorite thing: fresh catnip from the garden. Least favorite thing: Other cats. Rally the dog is his best friend since he was a kitten, and they still snuggle together.

Bennie the Chicken

Parent: Rebecca, Photographer

Red and brown chicken

Bennie, age: 8 months. Layer of brown eggs, supporter of Darth Vader and the Empire, not-so-secret eater of mom’s tomatoes in the backyard garden.


Parent: JD, Financial Analyst

Orange tabby cat

Honey, won’t disclose age- probably uses Aveeno.  Neighborhood watch lead and regular sit-in for the district alderwoman.


Parent: Tyler, Corporate Sales Manager

Brown and black dog

Zeke, age 1: Completely infatuated with birds. Loves being outdoors, burying household items in the yard, taking up most of the bed, chewing your fingers, and seeing you come home from work.


Parent: Derek, VP of Technology & Analytics

tan and black dog with shaggy fur

Gidget, 8 months: Loves chasing squirrels, playing with anything that squeaks (including squirrels), and field trips to Home Depot. Dislikes strangers who refer to her as “He”, though she owns her beard and mustache.

More Furry Friends!

FYI- This ‘Furry Friends of Greetabl’ squad includes so much more than our core team’s pets. It also includes the pets of our customers and their recipients, and we loooooove adding new squad members.

Not to be dramatic but it’s our favorite thing in the whole world when you guys tag us in pics of your pets + Greetabl. Just LOOK at these cuties:

Brown cat with green eyes
(Photo by @purplemar on Instagram)
Small white dog
(Photo by @copperteddy on Instagram)

We hope your pets become friends of Greetabl, because we seriously want to meet them all! Keep tagging us @Greetabl to share 😻😻😻

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  1. I love Schuylkill! Was she from a rescue? My dog Jax is a rescue, his mom is 1/2 Hound, 1/2 American Bulldog. We don’t know what is dad is. He came from Georgia. Send me an email And I’ll send you a picture of him. Or look on Facebook. I posted to this post. Love all of your furbabies!!! Love your posts.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words about our fur babies, Tasha :). Jax sounds like theeee cutest and like he was rescued into a great home! So happy you like our posts!

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