The Best Corporate Gifts for Your Best Clients

The Best Corporate Gifts for Your Best Clients

We’re continuing on the conversation about corporate gift giving because, well, we’ve got a soft spot for business innovators. We believe that an investment in client happiness is one of the most obscure (and effective) ways for a company to find success. 

In case you didn’t realize it, we were once where you are right now. And in many ways, we still are. Team Greetabl knows what it’s like to have personal aspirations and business goals, and the undying belief that if we could only get others to see what we have to offer, and if we could only get our message out, we could contribute something wonderful. That is something the world could seriously use about now. 

Feel familiar? Yep. Thought so. 

So let’s talk about the state of the world (we know… not another blog about COVID!!). But, hear us out. 

You aren’t the only one aching for peace and harmony these days. Your clients live in this world, too. Recent events have filled the media, workspace, and cyber boards with adversity and distress everywhere you look. Being emotionally depleted has thrown us all out of balance. So when it comes time to find the best corporate gifts for 2020, all you have to do is consider the emotional state of the world. If you are willing to do your part in creating a more peaceful environment, let peace be your response. 

Don’t look now, but you are getting through one of the most challenging years of our lifetime. And when we look back, we will remember who we got through it WITH. Challenges are a part of who we are and it’s how we face that adversity that inspires people.

Plus— it doesn’t take an expert to tell ya— happy customers buy more stuff.

An investment in your clients is an investment in yourself.

It’s in your company’s best interest to make your client’s experience more joyful. Finding that relatable client connection can make all the difference for a business – especially during a time of such uncertainty. Your clients, like everyone else these days, are aching for that human element, the realness of who you are, and your willingness to connect person to person. (Not to mention a little respite.)

You don’t always need a reason to give a corporate gift— and to that point— we have found that the ones that are sent for no obvious reason at all tend to be the ones that have the most positive impact on a person. 

We’ve put together a list of the best corporate gifts for clients in the year 2020 – gifts that inspire peacefulness and rejuvenation—and have a clear message of health and wellness. All are available in our Corporate Gift Catalog and most are a fraction of what you would pay for corporate gifts anywhere else.

Here are a few of our favorite corporate gifts for your people:

Improve that vibe. Used in energy healing work and Reiki, clear quartz and rose quartz have healing principles that help to reset the heart and mind. When held together they amplify clarity of thought and bring enlightenment and awareness in addition to a more even distribution of energy. 

Image of Love Mini Stone Pack

Right or Wrong… just Write. Meditation is a necessary healing process for a fried central nervous system. But did you know that not everyone can meditate sitting still? Some people connect better with their thoughts by writing them down. Pocket-sized and perfect for creative types who may be feeling uninspired, gratitude journals have been proven to boost the psyche and awaken the imagination.

Image of black GOALS Leather Journal

Just a drop’ll do ya. Known natural remedies for a number of ailments, essential oils are used to nourish, inspire tranquility and have been very effective in alleviating mental illnesses (such as anxiety and depression) body inflammation, and can greatly improve one’s quality of life. 

Image of Mini Essential Oil Roll On Set

A Bag of Sunshine? Shine – er– SIGN me up! Sending a happy box of tea is a permission slip to take a chillax. This handmade blend of turmeric, ginger, and malabar peppercorn pack a triple punch. A cure for everything from immune systems to rainy days, this loose leaf blend is the perfect way to brighten any mood. 

Image of Cup of Sunshine Tea

Bath Bliss. Choose from an array of mellow and relaxing bath bombs to soak those troubles away — including coconut vanilla cream milk bath, oatmeal and honey, lavender & sage, and even cotton candy! (OMG, RIGHT???) Relax tense muscles and draw out the toxins with a plop and a splash.

Image of Milk Bath Bomb

Just Add Water. Aromatherapy made simple with eucalyptus and mint has proven properties to help promote relaxation and healing. Easily turn an ordinary home bathroom into a certified spa.

Image of Shower Tabs

Turmeric is Turrific. This morning wellness concentrate offers a morning ritual self care boost. A centuries-old Indian elixir known for its immunity, digestion & anti-inflammatory benefits, this 100% organic concentrate incorporates five essential ingredients all freshly blended to create an entire month of wellness shots!

Image of Morning Wellness Concentrate

Invest in Rest. Smells like bliss and beyond, this soy candle is scented with an herbal blend of soothing lavender, sweet chamomile, and sun-drenched sandalwood.

Image of Relaxation Soy Candle