The Coolest Corporate Gifts Around

The Coolest Corporate Gifts Around

Ally Loprete is a Corporate Communications Strategist dedicated to supporting small businesses worldwide. The owner of several small businesses of her own including Our Milk Money and TheTLP Project Consulting Group, Ally is a known radio and television host, best-selling author, and public speaker.

As a business consultant and advocate for women in business, I have always believed in having a solid customer retention plan. Solopreneurs who are not operating with large advertising budgets must rely on customer referrals– the ones that can only be inspired by giving a client an exceptional experience. The challenge — for so many small business owners — is how to sincerely achieve just that.  

I had been on the hunt for an easy way for businesses to set their gift-giving strategy in motion in a way that was incredibly effective, but not stressful or expensive.

I had a very clear definition for what that meant.

The gift should be so genuine that no one would ever question there being a hidden agenda. Of course, the purpose of a corporate gift is to win someone over to the point of repeat business and referrals– but ironically those results are impractical if the gift feels at all masked by a marketing maneuver. 

The best client gifts are undeniably memorable and meaningful, not to be confused with expensive or extravagant. The best gift-giving experiences begin the moment the gift arrives and the process of opening the gift is every bit as stimulating as the gift itself. In fact, if the gift TRULY makes an impression, you’ll likely be rewarded with a voluntary social media post, showing off just how unique and creative your gift is. (Always a win!!)

Small businesses can’t afford to get it wrong very often, and quite frankly, there is nothing worse than watching a small budget get squandered away on an idea that doesn’t bring a return. Swag is sooooo last season, and yet it seems like every blogger constantly shares the same one-size-fits-all gift ideas for every business…which does not serve anyone in making a memorable impression. (And, really. Unaccompanied gift cards are so overplayed they’ve become a costly cliche’. Do you even remember who gave you all those Starbucks cards?)

As I searched, Greetabl kept showing up as the most viable option for the best corporate gifts. I had only positive experiences with Greetabl on a personal level- always legitimately thrilling, never feeling mass-produced or run-of-the-mill…but I didn’t yet grasp its usefulness for a business…until now. 

In an effort to learn more, I interviewed Paige Rodgers, Greetabl’s Corporate Account Manager, and what ensued was surprisingly informative and –quite frankly– ruined me from ever sending a simple greeting card to a client again. 

Before anything else, Paige’s enthusiasm for working with small businesses is… immeasurable. Her passion is contagious and her ability to create a unique custom gift for any company is masterly. In a deeply digital and automated world, no part of Greetabl’s process felt impersonal or lacked human quality. Even for budget conscientious business owners, who are looking to cut costs by self-designing and self-ordering, Paige is never too far for assistance. 

I was heartened to learn that Paige’s initial consultation is free, and was well worth the time. Paige is a LISTENER, and before making any recommendations, she is clear on the underlying goal of the business.  She doesn’t hesitate to offer the best advice from her genius experience, even if it means less business for Greetabl. It was encouraging to witness a company representative so personable that you can’t help but leave the conversation inspired and wanting more. Paige often referred to herself as “the team member you don’t have to pay” because she naturally invests herself into every project. Whether placing an order of 20 or 1,000… every business is treated with the same amount of importance. 

For companies who need all the hands-on support they can get, Paige does everything but move into your office. She eagerly customizes, creates mockups, places orders, and problem solves– in addition to offering a real time tracking dashboard for every account. 

The price was far more feasible than any other custom gift product I’d found. Theoretically a service provider, such as an event coordinator, can send out 25 thank you gifts for less than $20 a piece, totalling $500 including shipping. And it’s not as if these gifts are poor in quality. In fact, the “wow factor” is prominent and impressive. 

For as low as $39 a year, and no hidden fees, the Insider Plan pays for itself with free first class shipping and generous rewards for every $10 spent, with just a handful of gifts – and there is no limit to how many gifts you can send, or how often. For real estate or insurance agents, where visible branding gives a more lasting impression, the Insider Pro might be worth the $160 upgrade as it offers more custom design packaging, logo uploading and custom insert cards. 

Without any doubt, Greetabl is just way cooler than any other corporate gift-giving option out there. It’s a company that cares about the bottom line, stays relevant, and makes sure everyone involved is happy with the end result.

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