The Holiday 2021 Preview: Gifts for all Your Corporate Needs

The Holiday 2021 Preview: Gifts for all Your Corporate Needs

Ready or not, the holiday season is coming. Year-end comes with additional stress, pressure, and responsibilities, so why not get ahead while you can? Let’s get your holiday gifts planned now so there’s one less task on your plate in the fourth quarter.

Our team has been devoted to pinpointing this holiday’s gifting trends. Be sure to download our free Holiday Trend Report to educate yourself on the current climate and learn how you should be approaching your gifting strategy.

Based on our findings, we’ve curated an assortment of holiday gifts that are timely, relevant, and celebratory.

Check out a preview of Greetabl’s 2021 holiday assortment below:

Warm Vanilla Candle

Image of Warm Vanilla Candle

From the maker of our best-selling Citrus Basil Candle, the Warm Vanilla Candle hits all the coziest notes.

Winter Wishes Shortbread Cookie

Image of Warm Winter Wishes Cookies

A sentiment to express to your employees, clients, and prospects alike – regardless of which holiday they celebrate.

Thank You Shortbread Cookie

Image of Thank You Cookies

The holidays are the perfect time to spread a little gratitude to your employees and clients.

Good Things in 2022 Notepad

Image of Great Things in 2022 Notepad

Designed in-house by Team Greetabl, we’ve devloped an encouraging notepad to serve as the perfect desk accessory.

2022 Desk Calendar

Image of 2022 Desk Calendar

The Desk Calendar is meant to sit inside the Wood Photo Stand – AKA, the ultimate gift duo.

Classy Christmas Print

Image of Classy Christmas Print

Professional and beautiful, the Classy Christmas Print is nothing short of striking.

Holly Jolly Christmas Print

Image of Holly Jolly Christmas Print

A little box of holiday jolly, cheery happiness.

Happy 2022 Print

Image of Happy 2022 Print

Consider sending New Year’s gifts to your people and stand out from the sea of generic holiday gifts.

Happy Festivus Print

Image of Happy Festivus Print

(Because we couldn’t do this holiday season without a Seinfeld reference!)

Holiday Armadillo Print

Image of Holiday Armadillo Print

Friends fans, anyone? The Holiday Armadillo Print is guaranteed to put an instant smile on your recipient’s face.

Most Wonderful Time Print

Image of Most Wonderful Time of the Year Print

This design is universally adored. The rich colors print beautifully on our FSC certified paper.

Want to see more? Click here to watch an interactive video of our Co-Founder introducing the holiday assortment.

Time-saving. Wow-making. Happy-customer-creating. That’s holiday gifting with Greetabl.