Birthday Photo Gifts (and Better Photo Storage While You’re At It)

Birthday Photo Gifts (and Better Photo Storage While You’re At It)

Got Photos? You are not the only one who’s got an overloaded cloud. It’s a common problem. And –yeah–it can do a number on your sanity.

You may be having a recurring argument with yourself– Worried that the moment you start to clean house, you will wish that you didn’t. It’s happened before: searching for a photo that was haphazardly deleted in a digital feng shui attack. You don’t want to delete all this great documentation through the years, but thinking about what it will take to organize them gives you a migraine. And it’s causing you to hesitate when it comes to taking any new photos. Not good. 

It’s time to stop losing sleep over this.

Truth. We are not storage experts who are going to tell you how to manage your selfie addiction. But we do have an idea that will kinda sorta help. We’re going to help you turn these to-good-to-delete digital photos into beautifully delightful birthday gifts. Because we know that when you are not concerning yourself with your digital storage crises, you are racking your brain to come up with thoughtful birthday gifts. (No? Okay… maybe that’s just us.

But we love to be problem solvers and we’ve found a way to merge these two little hurdles into one big solution! We’re here to tell you that it’s quite possible to turn all those digital files into a tangible gift — perfect for a birthday! 2 birds, one stone. You’re welcome. 

Expand the Way You Think About Photographs.

You may be too young to remember the good old days of film– where you just picked up your roll and had your pictures ready to use. The batch typically included 2 copies of each photograph. You either put them all in a big box (and bought more boxes when it filled up), or, if you were REALLY on the ball you put one in a photo album and saved the extra for friends.   Done and Done. 

Except not really. When digital media came along we began storing everything on some server somewhere, or MANY servers everywhere, thinking that it would remove our clutter. But in reality, we only found out digital clutter can be just as overwhelming. We’ve exchanged our big photo boxes for zip drives and the cost of developing film into the cost of paying for additional space on the cloud. Instead of sending photographs nestled in a birthday card, we text them to our loved ones so we can clutter up their clouds. But we have something we never had before, and that is the ability to put photographs on virtually anything we want. It’s not so easy to wrap up a digital image, but it IS easy to wrap up tangible gifts. And tangible photo gifts are better to preserve the special memories anyway— always were. Happy Birthday indeed.

Ideas for Converting Photographs into Birthday Gifts

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a knack for DIY crafts, or if you are better at uploading to a DFY service (Done For You.) We’ve come up with a bunch of ideas for Birthday Photo Gifts that will make your friends and family go squeeeeeeeee:

📸  Birthday Gift Boxes

Take it from us, these things are a hit. We know because it’s what we do. While Greetabl has quickly become the next generation of greeting cards, it’s the older generation that seems to appreciate our customized birthday gift boxes the most. Super inexpensive and super easy for even the most digitally challenged. Pictures tear off and can accompany a frame, photo stand or ornament!

📸  Personalized Photo Candles 

Another fun and easy crafting project. You don’t need to be an expert in wax candle making. Just get yourself some decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge, and start gluing! Once you get started, you won’t want to limit yourself to just candles. Turn old vases, bottles, and jars into works of photo art!

📸  DIY Photo Albums

Not to be confused with scrapbooking, there is still value in the classic photo album. Digital images from social media can be easily uploaded into free photo apps such as Chatbooks, costing as little as $10 for 60 pages and includes free shipping. If this ain’t your thing, there are still old fashioned services available who will print your photographs on photo paper and send them to you. And yes, photo albums are still around. 

📸  Birthday Gift Tags

These can liven up any wrapped birthday gift and then be saved for backpacks, lunch bags or sports bags!

📸  Photo Clip Boards

Very easy DIY. Print photos, glue, repeat. Nothing to it. 

The list of photo birthday ideas just keeps going and going…

  • Photo bookmarks – Such a cute idea and make especially great birthday gifts for kids and teachers.
  • Photo Magnets and keychains
  • Scrapbooks – This pastime is alive and well! 
  • Keepsake boxes – Fill them with extra photographs and give as a birthday gift!
  • Wall Calendars
  • Art Work
  • Phone cases
  • Canvas Bags
  • Memory Blankets
  • Canvas Collections
  • Exploding Photo Gift Boxes