The Book Lover's Gift Guide

The Book Lover's Gift Guide

Welp, we have made it into the final stretch of 2020, and BOY what a year. As an avid bookworm, reading has been my salvation. It has helped me escape to a different world during these unprecedented times.

While we are getting ready to welcome what is to come in the new year, we still have to get over that holiday hump. One of my favorite things to get while growing up was a book.

The holidays are a special time to show those in your life how much they mean to you. It’s time to show that bookworm in your life how thankful and grateful you are for them by pampering them with all the things while they conquer that reading lit. It’s also nice to show that book lover in your life hey friend, congratulations on making it towards the end of 2020, you did it!

Take a look at some of my favorite gift and treat ideas for that special book lover in your life:

1. Save My Spot

Every bookworm is guilty of folding down that little corner in their book every so often. Soon every single page has that little crease in the upper corner. Sometimes it is nice to have a little something to hold your place, and also make you smile when you open your page to continue reading. The Terrarium Bookmark is a fun way to have your book lover hold their spot when they finally come up for air and take a break.

Image of Terrarium Bookmark in book

2. I’ve Got Too Many Candles Said No One Ever 

You ever go to Target and spend almost an hour smelling candles? Yeah, me neither. There’s just something about cozying up on a freezing night with a blanket, some outrageous yet cozy socks (us bookworms love our socks), and a candle that smells like a library. You know that smell when you bring home a library book? Well guess what: now you can give your book reader the gift of their dreams. When you just don’t want to leave your couch, bring that wonderful smell of the library to your living room with the Library Candle

Image of Library Scented Candle

3. I Like To Eat My Feelings 

Sometimes when I am reading a book that just hooks me so much, I don’t move until I look up and it’s dark out or a love story is breaking my heart. I need a snack fix. Reading so many books also makes me super hungry, so I need something to munch on while I am lost in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, solving a mystery, or reading a heartbreaking story. Hand-Dipped Chocolate is the perfect sweet treat to have around! Chocolate makes everything better, including reading. 

4. A Book Is a Gift You Can Open Again and Again

When you are shopping for a book for your book lover for the holidays, it sometimes can be overwhelming with all the choices. It’s best to play it safe and let them choose what they would want so you’re off the hook from choosing one they wouldn’t like. Sometimes when I go to Barnes and Noble and get so excited about all the new books that have come out, I want to buy all of them. The Barnes and Noble Gift Card is perfect for increasing your book lover’s library and add to their growing stack of their to-be-reads on their nightstand.

5. When All Else Fails, Take A Bath  

Name a better combination than a cozy bath and a good book. I’ll wait. I love being spoiled with a nice hot bath and my next read, so spoil that friend or family member in your life and send them the Milk Bath Bomb. Your book lover will thank you. 

Image of Milk Bath Bomb, open Greetabl gift, and foot pumpice.

6. A Book And Tea Puts a Smile On Me 

Reading a book is never complete without something to warm you up. Growing up, I was never a tea gal (hello coffee lovers!) but lately I have been loving a good cup of tea while catching up on some reading. The best thing about the Cup of Love and Cup of Sunshine is they come in the cutest little bag, anything to brighten up a book lover’s cup! Now all you need is a cozy blanket and you’re set!

Image of Cup of Sunshine with coffee cup

Born and raised in Washington DC, Katie is a first-grade teacher in Nashville TN, and runs the bookstagram @ktreadsandwines where she reviews all of her current and favorite reads. Katie loves all things coffee and wine, basic fall attire, and has never ventured from a latte at Starbucks. Nail salons stress her out and being at the beach with her family is her happy place.