Best Gifts to Give to Every Type of Co-Worker

Best Gifts to Give to Every Type of Co-Worker

As we are approaching the heart of gifting season, you’re examining the people on your gift list. Shopping for your friends, family, and in-laws can be quite a puzzle to solve. We feel for you. But there is one type of relationship that is harder to shop for than the rest… know who we’re referring to? Co-workers.

Co-workers come in varying degrees. They can the person who is your ultimate bestie to the one you undertake all your projects with. There are many forms of co-workers and a mass, universal gift to everyone in the office doesn’t feel right. We’re not judging if you buy the same candle for everyone, but we know you’re more thoughtful than that.

Take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed. For every kind of co-worker relationship, we have you covered.

Check out the below ideas to nail the perfect gifts for your co-workers:

For Your Work BFF

Calling all work besties! Starting with the easiest person to shop for, this is your person. You’re thick as thieves. You’d be best friends with them regardless of if you met them at the neighborhood park or in the cubicle a few rows over. They are your coffee-run partner. They’re your built-in proofreader. Heck, they’re even your post-work happy hour buddy. I mean, they’re the Christina to your Meredith. As we write this, we miss seeing them IRL all the more. The pain cuts deep, doesn’t it?

For this person, we love a gift that is ultra-personalized. They’re a part of every aspect of your life, so you should take adequate thought and time to thank them. This sounds daunting, because how do you ever fully thank them, but we are here to make it simple. We love a Greetabl gift paired with a Photo Frame Ornament. You can include three custom images and your work BFF can choose the image of their liking. They’ll include the photo inside the ornament and proudly display on their desk (or Christmas tree!).

If you’re looking for something a little more of an experience, consider giving tickets to a virtual event. Eventbrite has plenty of events to browse from.

For Your Project Partner

There’s likely a cross-functional teammate you work closely with on large projects. You’d like to say thank you for all their collaborative effort, whether at the holidays or on a random day. But truthfully, you aren’t sure the best co-worker gifts for this type of person.

For this teammate, we recommend starting with a hand-written or personalized note. Don’t get us wrong, all the “thank you!” emails and “good job!” slack messages are much appreciated. But there’s something uniquely special about writing your gratitude on paper. Taking the additional time to thoughtfully express your thankfulness goes a long way.

Paired with your personal note, Caramel Chocolate Popcorn or Frosted Mini Oreos will hit all the right spots.

If you know they’re going to be working late, consider sending food delivery to their house. If you do not want to choose for them, send an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card their way. Our philosophy? The way to ultimate co-worker bonding is through the stomach.

For Your Remote Co-Worker Friend

Long-distance relationships in any capacity are tough. In that, there’s something extra sad about missing your Monday-Friday pal. These people are not your work BFFs, but they’re people you’re close with inside the office walls. There’s a chance you haven’t caught up with them on a personal level since the pandemic hit. Even so, that doesn’t mean they don’t hold a special place in your heart.

For this person, send a gift in the mail and ask for a video call to catch-up. Sometimes, you have to be the one to make the initial move to get a little more personal. At Greetabl, we’re avid fans of getting to know our teammates on a deeper level. Take the plunge, put yourself out there, and get to know your co-workers.

Possible gifts include a Bottomless Mimosa Candle or Hand-Dipped Chocolate.

For Your New Teammate

Remote onboardings are tough. It’s harder to gauge tone and personality over a Zoom meeting, plus it feels far less personal. For your new teammate, consider sending the warmest welcome their way in the form of a gift.

Starbucks gift cards are always a safe choice, or you could send a little coffee their way to kickstart their morning. Whatever way you choose, they’ll be touched by your efforts to extend a special welcome.

For the Holidays

The best way to spread workplace cheer is by giving a gift, right? Especially if you work on a larger team, this can get pricey. But should you give Christmas gifts to your co-workers? There’s not a universal law on this, but if you want to give a little something to your 9 to 5 pals, we’re here to help.

Consider gifting something festive without being explicitly Christmas, like Peppermint Hot Chocolate Popcorn or Let It Snow Hand Sanitizer.

Note: if a co-worker gives you a gift and you do not have one in return, a hand-written thank you will suffice.

For Your Direct Reports

If you’re looking to send a gift to several teammates, particularly those you manage, we have you covered. Logistics don’t have to be tricky or hard, though. With our Insider Membership for free USPS First Class Mail, sending multiple gifts is quick and easy. We also have a (new!) scheduled delivery feature that makes it easy to plan your sends ahead of time.

SnackNation is a great option to send a gift to your team (especially a remote team!). They have pre-built baskets, so all the guesswork is taken out of it.

Looking for more co-worker gift ideas? Our friends at SnackNation have written a comprehensive guide to all your co-worker gifting needs.