Creative Client Gifts That Will Have Clients Raving About You!

Creative Client Gifts That Will Have Clients Raving About You!

Sending a creative client gift is a must when you want to set yourself apart from the competition, and especially when you care about your clients and their experience.

If you’ve ever felt like lack of time and funds can get in the way of going above and beyond, welcome to your solution. You’re about to learn how fast, easy and affordable it can be to send personal client gifts!

Why Give A Creative Client Gift?

Set yourself apart

If you run a business in a saturated industry, setting yourself apart from the crowd is crucial! You always want to start off on the right foot, and want your clients to know that choosing you is the right decision.

A great way to accomplish this is to get creative with your pre-booking gestures, too. At this stage, you don’t even have to give something tangible. It can be a valuable resource that you send to prospective new clients upon first engaging with them.

For example: if you’re a wedding photographer, you can send articles and tools on how to coordinate the perfect engagement photo outfits after following up on their initial inquiry. This lets them know that they can expect you to be helpful and go above and beyond from the start, which makes them more likely to seal the deal in hiring you.

Card with photos, confetti and a candle. By Katie Staples of @halfway_wholeistic
Photo by @halfway_wholeistic

Stay top of mind and win referrals

Once you’ve booked a client, make sure to thank them with a handwritten card or a small personalized gift. We also recommend sending a quick new client survey to help you get to know them.

Then, continue to surprise and delight them throughout your time working together, both by delivering excellent work and by giving creative gifts even after the work is over.

The most common mistake people make (one that loses them potential referral business!) is forgetting about the client or letting the relationship lapse after the contracted work has ended. If people forget about you, they can’t refer you! We recommend holidays, or on the anniversary of your work/event as great times to keep the relationship alive with a gift.

How To Quickly Customize A Creative Client Gift

This is where it gets really fun! After all, your client gifts wouldn’t be very creative if they weren’t customized, would they?

But most of us have basically zero extra free time to devote to researching new gift ideas. Then when you factor in any assembly and wrapping time, and taking it to the post office all on your own, that really adds up.

This is where Greetabl comes in to save the day. Greetabl is a gifting solution that lets you send something totally personalized in a matter of clicks, without leaving your house!

There are four different aspects of Greetabl that you can personalize. They all come together to make an easy option for you, without sacrificing a meaningful experience for your clients. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Box Design

With over 100 pre-made designs to choose from, and even the option to create your own branded design, there’s something here for every client!

Greetabl prints created in partnership with Sourced Co.

2. Gift

From candy to candles, fill the adorable box with a creative little treat that captures your client’s personality.

Then if you want, you can add some serious value onto your gift by including a gift card from everyone’s favorite brands like Starbucks, Target and more.

Greetabl shipping box over a wide selection of creative client gifts to go inside.

3. Message

A personal message is the best way for your clients to know you care, and were thinking of them specifically. With Greetabl, your message is actually part of the gift box, which unfolds to lay flat like a card.

Write something here that references an experience you’ve had together, or your excitement for an upcoming project with them.

If you find yourself at a loss for words, don’t panic! You’ll have access to a writer’s block section full of pre-written messages for any occasion.

Unfolded card featuring a personal message from a wedding photographer to their clients.

4. Photos

After you’ve written a personal message, customize your gift even further with photos!

You can add up to three in a Greetabl, so this is your opportunity to add a picture of your logo to highlight your brand, or even pictures from your client’s life if you’re close enough to them. You can really get creative here.

There are more back ups here- don’t worry. If you don’t have photos of your own to include, browse through the Photo Library, filled with amazing photography, custom calligraphy quotes and more. Not to brag, but this stuff is cute – definitely not your average stock photos.

Photos of a wedding, taken from a Greetabl to serve as a keepsake.
Photo by @katiemcgihon

These four elements, along with the one-of-a-kind experience of receiving and unboxing their surprise gift, make receiving a Greetabl an unforgettable experience that’ll have your clients raving!

See how easily and quickly it is to build a creative client gift with Greetabl in this tutorial video.

How To Give Creative Client Gifts (All The Time!) At Any Price Range

Image of a Greetabl being delivered in the mail.
Photo by @samanthajamesphoto

The best thing about getting creative with your client gifts is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to set yourself apart!

And with Greetabl, you can scale your experience up or down for every unique occasion so that your gift is always a good fit. A single Greetabl starts at under $20, but between the wide range of gift options and add-ons, you can go from a sweet, affordable memento to a $100+ powerhouse. All without sacrificing personality.

Another way to save money and grow your business with Greetabl is to sign up for one of the yearly membership programs, Insider and Insider Pro.


A massive money saver, signing up for Greetabl Insider gets you free shipping and next day turnaround on every single one of your orders!

You’ll also have access to exclusive prints that are only available to Insiders.

Insider Pro

If you want to save even more money, Insider Pro is the next step up for expert client gifting. In addition to all the perks included with Insider, you get way more benefit with Pro.

Then, save time by uploading contacts from your favorite CRM so you never have to manually add client names addresses, and save your past gifts as templates so you can get them out the door in seconds flat!

You can really flex your creative muscles by uploading your own custom print design that features your branding, and include your logo on a customized insert card.

Example of a custom design and insert card that Insider Pros are able to send

This quote from a real-life Insider Pro sums it up nicely:

“Now Greetabl is the gift that helps you keep gifting! Sure, we love all of the new customizations and time-saving templates, but we also love saving money.”

Tayler of Sourced Co.

Grow Your Business with Creative Client Gifts

Giving creative, meaningful client gifts that blow people away is one of the best ways to grow your business! The investment you make in establishing an amazing relationship with your clients will return tenfold in social shout-outs and referral business.

Think about it – what professional relationships do you remember the most fondly? Which one would you go out of your way to post about on social media, or refer a friend to?

It’s likely the ones that made a memorable impression, and a client gift from Greetabl can help you do just that!

Main image by @emmarosecompany

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