How to Make Client Gifting Easy with Greetabl Insider Pro (Real CustomerTestimonial)

How to Make Client Gifting Easy with Greetabl Insider Pro (Real CustomerTestimonial)

When you run a service-based business, gifting is a necessary part of your workflow and experience.

From welcoming newly booked clients and thanking existing ones for a referral, to closing out a client project with a bang, finding the perfect gift can be a rabbit hole you just don’t have the time to go down (especially when you’re constantly on the hunt).

And, while we’ve talked about the importance of saying thank you before, today we are especially excited to talk to you about how to not let this all important step slow you down!

Read on to see all of the reasons we love Greetabl’s new Insider Pro and how it can help you crush the client gifting game.

You Can Upload Custom Designs

Branding every aspect of your client experience is something a lot of wedding and creative business owners strive for. And now you can easily create branded gifts with Greetabl! When you upgrade your account to Insider Pro, you have the ability to not only customize colors on select prints, but to work with them on customizing your own design! (Seriously, this is what we got really excited about and already uploaded this pattern to our account!)

Whether you have a custom brand pattern to send them, or pick up a pre-made design that coordinates with your brand in a convenient place like our Sourced Co. print shop, now you can customize your gifts to be on-brand and on-point!

Screenshot of the custom design feature on Greetabl's website

Pro-tip: The best pattern is a repeating one (like the one we chose), so keep that in mind when you are making your pick!

You Can Save Templates

We love time-saving templates as much as the next busy creative pro, and now you can use this new feature to crank out client gifts!

When you are logged into your Insider Pro account, you can save a past Greetabl you’ve put together as a template for future use – patterns, images, notes, and all! Simply give the template a name, so you can easily identify it in the future, and you are good to go. We put together a collaborator thank you template to send to the creative partners we bring on for photoshoots! It’s a huge help to log in and quickly send a gift – without needing to leave the house!

Screenshot of the saved templates feature on Greetabl's website

What templates should you create? Here are a few ideas:

  • Welcome newly booked clients and kick off the project
  • Thank professional friends who refer you business
  • Send on people’s birthdays
  • Send to clients after the project is done

You Save Money 

Now Greetabl is the gift that helps you keep gifting! Sure, we love all of the new customizations and time-saving templates, but we also love saving money. When you’re an Insider Pro, you also get:

  • Free First Class Shipping (because we don’t know anyone who likes spending more on shipping)
  • Priority concierge support (because we don’t know anyone who likes waiting in line)

Screenshot of the personalization feature on Greetabl's website

Excited about all of these new features at Greetabl that make client gifting easy? Want to become an Insider Pro too? Sign up through this link – your future self (and clients) will thank you!

This is a testimonial of a real Insider Pro member, Tayler, of Sourced Co. Thank you Tayler!