Mother & Daughter Gift Giving 101

Mother & Daughter Gift Giving 101

It goes without saying that there is an unspeakable and eternal bond between mothers and daughters. These timeless relationships illuminate the world around them with the nourishment of their love and their protective qualities. Passed down through stories, genetics, and experiences, there is a tenderness and a strength that mothers give their daughters to carry on, like a torch.  

So often daughters are unaware of how much they have used their mother’s everlasting encouragement to bring the best parts of themselves and their history into the world they endure. Through generations, the link between these women is a fascination that speaks powerfully to the soul. 

That isn’t to say that any of these relationships are effortless. In fact, the journey a mother has with her daughter, and the daughter with her mom is almost always complicated. Complex, emotional, and indestructible.

When you’re searching for gift ideas that will appeal to either your mother or your daughter (or in some cases, both) the challenge is real, at every age and for every generation. 

We’ve done our part to make those challenges a bit easier with a list of unique and meaningful gift ideas for every stage of the mother/daughter kinship:

From Mother to Daughter

You were blessed with a daughter. From the moment she was born you wanted to give her the world, and you’ve never stopped attempting to do just that. It may seem that the gifts you give are never-ending. From your life force that runs through her veins to the designer boots she begged for as a teenager, giving to her is all you’ve known since she came into the world. So it is understandable if you are struggling to find something extra special for a momentous occasion, such as a Bat Mitzvah, Quincenera, confirmation, graduation, or wedding day. 

These occasions are perfect opportunities to look at the customs and traditions that were passed down to you. Time to go digging for those heirlooms. 

  • Antique Jewelry 
  • Recipes and Cookbooks
  • Vintage photographs placed in upgraded frames
  • Antique Toys
  • Quilts
  • Wedding gowns
  • China or silverware
  • Collectables
  • Works of Art

Don’t have any of these things? Instead of spiraling into sadness or regret, see it as an opportunity to begin a new tradition. Customs need to start somewhere, and there is no better time than now. If you were blessed with more than one daughter, you have multiple reasons to give matching gifts that are meaningful. Matching gifts is a beautiful way to begin passing down a family legacy. 

From Daughter to Mother

Gifts are often an expression of love and appreciation, but when a relationship is as complex as one between a mother and daughter, how can we even begin to find something that emulates the magnitude of that? 

We couldn’t agree more. As a daughter, you will never be able to echo everything your mother has given to you in a single gift. However, symbolism is a powerful thing. A keepsake is a perfect reminder of everything that is otherwise difficult to express. Often when you are struggling to find the perfect gift, the simplest solution is to honor her with a beautiful quote that speaks to your relationship. Truly, the best gift you can give to your mother is to show her that you are paying her wisdom forward and keeping her legacy alive. 

A daughter goes through her life never losing her mother’s voice. The voice of reason. The voice of calm. The voice of encouragement. That same voice influenced her mother as a daughter. Words of wisdom that have carried you can be etched onto many keepsakes for your mother. If you can’t think of any, borrow a quote from someone else. 

  • Engraved Necklaces and lockets 
  • Personalized matching infinity bracelets
  • Framed works of art (maybe consider preserving a piece of art made by her)
  • Personalized glass jewelry box
  • Etched crystal vase 
  • Etched champagne flute
  • Family Tree Collage
  • Results of an ancestry search bound in a leather binder
  • Finger print jewelry (perfect for mothers AND grandmothers)

“There were times in middle school and junior high, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend.” 

Taylor Swift