Professional Gifting 101: For Clients

Professional Gifting 101: For Clients

How did it get to be the end of November already?! Even though we all could have sworn it was just summer yesterday, 2017 is wrapping up quickly.

This is the time that we reflect on all that’s happened over the year, and most importantly, who in our lives need some big thanks for helping us get through it. Though friends and family are a HUGE part of this, we’re here to talk about your professional life.

Put your boss pants on and learn how to give the perfect gift to your clients this year! We’ve got some helpful Dos and Don’ts comin’ at ya:

Don’t Break The Rules

This one has to go first, because depending on different policies, it could end up negating the rest of the list!

As you may know, some companies have rules or guidelines about receiving gifts. So before you send anything, make sure you clearly understand their rules! A gift that can’t be accepted is more awkward than no gift at all, and you may run the risk of appearing inconsiderate or uninformed. Plus, it would be a total bummer on their end to receive a cool gift but then have to send it back because it’s against the rules.

If you do have some clients with a no gifts policy, don’t panic, we’ve still got a trick up our sleeves for this: send a handwritten thank you note! It’s simple, meaningful and low key enough to fly under the radar. Include why you value their partnership, and why you think the company and they as a person are doing awesome things. Ugh, so sweet.

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Don’t Self Promo

Whatever gift you choose to send, resist the urge to plaster your logo all over it. Your primary focus here is sending a genuine thanks/appreciation gift to your client for trusting you with their business.

They’ve already chosen to work with you, so the last thing they need is an advertisement for your company. Receiving the gift alone will remind them of the personal touches that set you apart from the competition.

Do Make It Personal

Like with any gifting experience, take what you know about this person or team into account when choosing.

Here are some easy examples to jog your creativity:

  • For a foodie, send a cheese of the month subscription!
  • For a family-oriented person, send a nice picture frame for their desk
    • And/or if you know they love their furry family, dog biscuits are an adorable add on to the main gift
  • Send a Greetabl! You can personalize it with a different print and gift perfect for their style, and include photos of the great work you’ve done together. Get more info on large corporate orders here.

Stay Tuned for More!

Did you notice that the title of this blog is ‘101?’ That’s on purpose, because we’ve got a 102 course coming soon, all about corporate gifting for an internal audience, aka your own employees/team members! Check back here soon to continue growing your corporate gifting expertise.

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