Gifts for All Your Upcoming Summer Occasions

Gifts for All Your Upcoming Summer Occasions

Your 2021 summer schedule is likely booking up quickly. There are the weddings that were postponed from last year, plus the ones that were already scheduled to happen this summer. There’s travel starting back up. In-person showers are happening again. And well, there’s a vibrancy to life that feels worth celebrating in and of itself. 

The return of summer. 

What does this mean on a practical level? More events mean more gifting moments. More events also mean less time to shop and select the perfect gift. Don’t fret – we’re here to help save you from the embarrassment of showing up with a lackluster gift or even more humiliating… empty-handed

Check out Team Greetabl’s ideas for all your summer gifts:


In case you didn’t already know, Greetabl exists because our founder was searching for a better way to give a wedding present. Like so many of us, his go-to gift was a card and a check. He thought, what if I could make the message a part of the gift? And thus, Greetabl was born. 

Our wedding assortment is far more personal than any card you’ll struggle to find in the Walgreens’ aisle. Especially if you’re looking to give a gift card (hello, Target and CB2!),  Greetabl elevates the experience into something meaningful. Talk about an upgrade!

Learn more about wedding gifts here in our comprehensive guide. 

Image of Champagne Bubbles, Confetti, and Champagne glass


Summer birthdays are often forgotten. School is out of session, everyone is traveling, and people are distracted by all the summer happenings. While we cannot totally blame them, we believe your excuses run out after you know how easy it is to send a Greetabl gift. (You can even schedule your order up to 90 days in advance, so get to work now before life gets any busier.)

Our birthday shop is stocked full of everything you need to make your summer baby feel special. Cheers to the geminis, cancers, leos, and virgos! 

If you’re still stuck, check out our Birthday Gift Ideas for When You Truly Have No Idea or The Happiest Birthday Gift Guide for all Your BFFs. 🎉

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Cheers to the 2021 grads! We have an entire gift guide built out just for your graduates. Because this year’s graduation festivities will still look a bit different… but that doesn’t mean the “degree” of celebration should (pun absolutely intended). 

So get on with it and party like it’s 2019 (… get it? As in, before all this started). This print is a great place to start.

Father’s Day 

Daddy-O, Old Man, #1 Dad. Whatever you call him, he deserves a break and a long afternoon nap. Give Dad a gift he doesn’t have to assemble, grill, or put together. And for Pete’s sake, don’t give him another power tool.

Instead, opt for something like an REI gift card for his next adventure and a Pocket Pourover Coffee to pair with his morning newspaper. 

Baby Showers

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Greetabl is the only way to make a gift card meaningful. Paired with a sweet gift and message, Target, buybuy BABY,or Gap is the perfect gift for a baby shower.

Plus, have you seen our adorable baby themed designs? Click here and here to see a few.   

Image of Oh Baby Print with message to newborn.

End of the Year Celebrations 

Teachers, school administrators, or anyone who you want to celebrate. It’s been a tough year (have you heard?) and a little gift of happy mail will go a long way to thank these people. 

Our Thank You Shop is just the place to start!