The Important People to Thank For Making Your Summer Season Happen

The Important People to Thank For Making Your Summer Season Happen

If there’s one good thing that came out of 2020, it’s deepened connections with the ones we love. With all that extra free time (when we weren’t learning TikTok dances and making sourdough bread), we were able to reconnect with all the wonderful people in our lives. It meant catching up over massive Zoom birthday parties. Hopping in your car for a drive-thru parade. Taking virtual cooking classes together. It meant having ample time to catch up with your long-distance friends and family. No one was too busy to schedule time on Zoom. 

Thanks, quaranteam.

As the vaccine rolls out and the restrictions lift, we know it’s an exciting time to do allll the things you’ve been missing in the last 14 months. But in the excitement, don’t forget about all the effort you put into your relationships while in quarantine. Because even though your calendar is busy with summer activities, and you’re no longer bored-in-the-house-bored-in-the-house-bored, there’s still plenty of time to connect with your people. 

How can you keep up with your connections? We believe you should start with a list of people to thank. When you express gratitude for someone, you are sending the message that you greatly value your relationship. Want to steal a note from Team Greetabl’s page?

Here’s our list of people you should be thanking this summer:

Your Nanny

Your summer babysitter or nanny is your child’s person throughout the summer. They’re driving everyone to events, going to the pool, arranging playdates, and ensuring your baby is well taken care of. They’re like the CFO of your house… you know, the Chief Fun Officer.

You truly don’t know what you’d do without them, so why not start by thanking them?

Zest for Life Print

It doesn’t get any sunnier, summer-y, and happy than this bright, beautiful lemon print. 

Many Mercis Print

Like a thank you card, only 1,000,000 times better.

Watermelon Print

The perfect pick to tease a sweet treat… AKA, the best summer thank you gift ever.

UberEats or DoorDash Gift Card

At the end of the day, they’re exhausted from all that time in the sun chasing your kiddos. Gift them dinner! Only under one condition: they aren’t allowed to use any of it on your kids.

Sandalwood Vanilla Candle

Smokey sandalwood and creamy vanilla are the perfect match with this candle from Kin & Care. Ah, it’s like a summer-y hug. 

Your Host

Toast your favorite host! With travel at the forefront of everyone’s minds, you’re likely visiting some of your long-distance friends and family. You can send this gift before or after your stay – whatever your preference!

Fun Times Ahead Print 

With this print you bring the party AND the gifts. Win win. Filled with sunny colors and happy vibes, this Greetabl original features squiggly calligraphy that almost looks like its dancing.

XOXO Happy Mail Print

Send when you’re feeling thankful to finally have a hug in person.

Yay Print

If Leslie Knope were a print… need we say more?

Bees Print

Send to your host to let them know they’re the bees kness. These little guys are the perfect day-brightener.

Your Guests

Are your family or long-distance besties finally able to visit you IRL? Greet your guests with the ultimate surprise in a box. Who needs origami towels on your guest bed when you have a Greetabl gift instead?

Loops Print

In soft yellow, something about this fluid and free-flowing loop print just makes us want to roll the windows down. Bold yet subtle, timeless yet modern, it’s an easy pick for any occasion.

Party People Print

 This party print is loved by all, and is the perfect design to send a sweet sentiment.

Floral Parade Print

Pops of color and happy shapes will make your friend happy the moment they dig in.

Magnolia Bouquet Candle

Skip the heavy vase and send this elegant frosted-glass candle. Fill the room with hues of fresh magnolia and rose; enriched by ripe fruit, hints of pepper, and musky woods in a subtle floral bouquet. 

Your Children’s Camp Counselors

Summer camp is synonymous with s’mores, swimming, and long sunny days. We can smell the aroma of sunscreen and bonfires now. Camp is likely a part of some of your favorite childhood memories, so be sure to thank the people who are giving the same experience to your child(ren). 

You Rock Print

A simple “You Rock!” goes a long way. It’s a little retro, a little fun, and a lotta encouragement.

Superhero Print

Because your kid’s summer camp counselor is pretty much as cool at Batman.

Hanging Photo Frame

To display all their finest camp memories.

Along this same note, remember to thank summer school and daycare teachers. This is typically their off season, so their extra efforts should go appreciated.

Your Pet Sitter

Speaking of summer travel, thank your pet sitters for keeping Fido and Tom Cat healthy, happy, and comfortable at home. 

Thank You Print 

Classic, straightforward, to the point – this Thank You Design is sure to hit all the right notes.

Bouquet for Bae Print

These flowers are forever wilt-free. 

UberEats Gift Card

This gift would be perfect to order ahead of time to greet your sitter upon arrival. They can use the food delivery gift card to order in one night, which really cannot get better than that.

Your Wedding Planner

It’s been quite the ride for those in the wedding industry. Thank the person who has helped pivot your wedding once… or maybe twice.

Future So Bright Print

Because the future is looking MUCH brighter than the past.

Let’s Celebrate Print

You both deserve an extra celebration for all you’ve been through! This print makes us want to put on our dancing shoes.

Breathe Deeply Essential Oil Spritz

Send to your wedding planner now that you can all breathe a big sigh of relief!

Cup of Sunshine Tea

Nothing brightens up a day like a Cup of Sunshine delivered directly to your door. Perfect for cheering up and celebrations, this tea makes a perfect gift.

Your Realtor

Whew, is the housing market competitive or is it COMPETITIVE? Your realtors are working overtime, so be sure to thank them for all their effort in helping you buy or sell your home. Extra bonus for including personalized pictures of your new home inside your gift.

Superhero Print

Because helping you score a home in this market is nothing short of heroic.

Spa & Wellness Gift Card

We cannot think of anyone who deserves more R&R than them. Accepted at over 8,000 spa and wellness facilities across North America.

Pocket Pourover Coffee

The midnight oil to get your realtor through their daily grind.

Your Travel Agent

Similar to real estate, this industry is booming. Your travel agent is working in overdrive to score you an available place for the vacay you’ve been craving. Send pictures of your travel inside their Greetabl gift… it doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

Adventure Awaits

Send this before your trip to generate excitement or after while you anticipate the next.

Beach Vibes Print

Going somewhere tropical? We adore these beaches vibes in a box.

Bath Fizzy

Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with this sparkling bath tablet that turns the bathroom into an aromatherapy oasis.