Finding a Gift for the Mom Who Is Not REALLY Your Mom

Finding a Gift for the Mom Who Is Not REALLY Your Mom

Being a real mother isn’t always in the DNA, but it is always in the heart. True mothers have an intuition to be maternal and nurturing in a way that can not be explained. It’s a superpower, quite frankly – to see someone who is motherless… either temporarily because her child has moved away for college or work, because their biological mom has passed away, or because the relationship is strained – and step in as if that child was her own. 

She’s not unlike a fairy Godmother, the stuff of fairy tales, magical and wise, and always appearing precisely when you are in need. But she is real— one of the most real things that have miraculously found you in your life. 

So, along came this incredible motherly figure, attached herself to you, and gave you the love, guidance, and encouragement that you didn’t even know you needed. 

This special lady is a true saint. After all, she has no legal obligation to care for you, but for some strange reason, she does anyway…. even with all of your imperfect parts. (She may actually be nuts, for this reason alone)

Because she didn’t give birth to you, you may call her: 

Second Mom


Bonus Mom

Pseudo Mom

Aunt Mom


My friend’s Mom

Mama (insert first name here)

…or maybe you never knew what to call her. That’s okay. What’s important is what she means to you. And now is your chance to find a gift that expresses that. Whether it be for her birthday, mother’s day, or just a gift of gratitude, we’ve got the unique gift ideas that you’ve been searching for. 

Use your words

It goes without saying that the greatest gift you can give to someone who is definitely killing it as a bonus mom is HOW you express it. We can show you the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts around, but the truth is finding the verbage to tell her what she has meant to you is the most important part of the gift. If she didn’t already know the positive impact she’s had on you, she will now. 

We found some phraseology that we thought you might like to use in your gift box message:

  • You didn’t give me life, but life gave me you.
  • If mothers were a flower, I’d pick you.
  • Thanks for loving me as your own.
  • It’s the heart that makes us family. 
  • I know you’re not “technically” my mom, but your love and guidance has kept me from prison and face tattoos, so I’d say that deserves a mother’s day gift.
  • Even though we are not biologically related, the bond between us is an eternal one.

10 Great Gifts for Mom(ish) People in Your Life

Once you’ve chosen the most ideal gift box for your mom-who’s-not-really-your-mom-but-totally-is, consider one of these gifts to go along side of your heartfelt note:

  • Rose Quartz Necklace – Because she deserves a little splurge on something shiny. Plus, Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. 
  • Woah, Mama Pin – Because the world needs to know how amazing she is. This mom-type-lady is like… woah…
  • Big Heart Cup of Love Tea – Because if she is a tea drinker, she’s going to love this bold flavor. It’s like getting a hug in a cup.
  • Fudge Brittle – Because she deserves treats fit for a Queen. Give her a box of sweet yumminess to indulge her sweet taste buds. 
  • Love Mini Stone Pack – Because these stones dispel negativity and help protect against environmental toxins, replacing it with loving vibes.