Ideas For Hosting A Fabulous Friendsgiving

Ideas For Hosting A Fabulous Friendsgiving

Alright, so you and your friends have decided to throw a Friendsgiving dinner party this year and you’ve volunteered to host. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but it turns out you have no clue what to do next.

Don’t panic! You can totally do this. Here are our guidelines to hosting the most effortlessly fun Friendsgiving of all time. We’ve focused on these simple Do’s & Dont’s so you can focus on making memories. 👯

Woman smiling and setting the table for Friendsgiving

Don’t Be A Hero

Avoid getting overwhelmed by trying to do everything yourself! You are hosting this event for yourself just as much as your guests, and you definitely deserve to have fun too.

Two friends laughing in front of a flower wall

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends. They’ll feel better if they contributed a dish or drinks, and you’ll be drowning in a few less dishes. After all, the spirit of this sub-holiday is friendship, and the best ones are built on trust and collaboration.

Do Hold A Dress(ing) Rehearsal

If you’ll be cooking an entirely new dish for this event, first of all, go you! Second, you should definitely give it a trial run before the big day. Oh, and good news, we found some super easy and delicious recipes for you to choose from.

Hand holding a pie in front of flowers
Pie and photo by Amanda Wilens of

Also- if you plan on making decorations or centerpieces yourself, be sure to create them well ahead of time, and include a few mess ups into your supply count. After all, nobody’s perfect except Beyoncé. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do Make It Official

Communication is KEY. Create a group chat, a Facebook event or use our fancy fave, Paperless post! Whatever is easiest for you and your pals. The channel doesn’t matter, what does is that the details are easily accessible, and you can save time and hassle by communicating with everyone at once.

Hands holding a cell phone with a Greetabl invitation below them

And unless you’re working with space constraints, think about instituting a plus one or open door policy. You never know who’s hometown BFF that tags along could become a valuable new member of your squad!

Two friends taking a selfie on Friendsgiving

Don’t Forget After Dinner Entertainment

You’re almost done! Literally so proud of you. At this point you’ve pulled off a flawless meal and party, but you still need a cherry on top… some fun activities for after the meal is over. They can be holiday themed, or your group’s favorite drinking game, but you gotta have something more than food up your sleeve.

Friends sitting at a table saying cheers over drinks

Send the word out and see if anyone has cool game ideas, or can bring their Cards Against Humanity deck with them. Or if you’re too stuffed to move (which is likely), have Netflix cued up with a good movie.

Friendsgiving In Action!

So there you go, keep these super easy guidelines in mind while you’re planning your party, and you and your guests will have a wonderful time. And everyone will love you. Even more.

Oh, last tip, make sure you take lots of pictures!!! 💕

Group photo of women at a Friendsgiving party

If you’re wondering how we came by all this advice, it’s because we recently threw our own Friendsgiving party! We had tons of help and even more fun! Shout out to all the friends of Greetabl who helped us capture the beautiful Friendsgiving photos you’ve seen here. Go find even more pictures at #GreetablFriendsgiving on instagram, and check out all these amazing companies/ladies:

Venue at Willow (@willowstl)

Flowers by Les Bouquets (@lesbouquetsflorals)

Calligraphy by Emma Vonder Haar (@emma.vonderhaar)

Plates and Chargers by Renown Rentals (@renownrentals)

Table Desserts by Nourish At Home (@nourishathome)

Cocktails and Bar Desserts + Model: Amanda Wilens of (@amanda.wilens)

Hair and Makeup + Model: Taylor Mobley of Blonde and Ambitious (@blondeandambitiousblog)

Model: Gwen Ginger of Ginger + Co. (@gwen_ginger)

Model: Elena Marroquín of Cheetah Talk Y Mas (@cheetahtalkymas)

Model: Tracy Coble of A Study In Chic (@tracycoble)

Model: Mary Powers

Model: Meghan Layne

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      1. Hi Diane!

        SO happy you reached out, stories like this make our team smile big time! Champagne bears are delicious, so your sender clearly has great taste! Champagne beard doesn’t sound half bad either haha, TBH we’ll take anything champagne related.

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    1. Hey Tracy, Andria here 🙂

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