How To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your BFF

How To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your BFF

The most sacred holiday is quickly approaching! Yes, Galentine’s Day of course. And TBH- the Greetabl brand is something of an expert in all things strong female friendships, and we’re here to teach you how to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your BFF so that you both have the most wonderful day of all time!

So first of all, if you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, we are so so so happy to explain it. Galentine’s Day was introduced to us through the show Parks and Recreation, where Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, declares that February 13 is Galentine’s day. The day where ladies leave their significant others at home and come together to celebrate the fantastic female friends in our lives that inspire us and are always there. So, here are all the best ways to get together with your best friend(s) and do just that!

1. Start Working On Your Compliment Game

This. Is. So Crucial.

How will your Galentine know you truly love her and are inspired by her if you don’t think of a million outrageous, over the top compliments to shower her with? It’s the most important thing we’ve learned from Leslie Knope. Well, besides Galentine’s Day itself.

Start thinking of some good ones now so you’ll be ready by the time Galentine’s Day rolls around. Here are our Leslie favorites to get your creative complimenting juices flowing:

  • You beautiful tropical fish
  • You are a perfect sunflower
  • You poetic, noble land mermaid
  • You beautiful, rule-breaking moth
  • You are a rainbow-infused space unicorn
  • You are the most beautiful, glowing sun goddess 
  • You’re a cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish
  • You’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox
  • You are a beautiful, sassy manequin come to life
  • You’re a genius! Your brain is almost as perfect as your face

2. Have Brunch!

Image of Parks and Recreation TV show

This one really doesn’t require much elaboration. Brunch is the best thing on this earth, and your friendship is a close second. So cheers-ing to the good life (and lifelong friendships) over mimosas is really a no brainer.

3. Surprise Her!

An adorable way to amp up you Galentine’s Day celebration with your BFF is to plant some sweet surprises for her to find. Leave a hidden inspirational note for her to find, or send a surprise Greetabl that will make her happy cry when it arrives at her door!

Greetabl box unfolded for display with light pink flowers, candle and hand cream

4. Cook/Craft together

Do some Pinterest digging and find awesome new recipes or crafts to try out together! Growing your skills and creating cool things is, like, basically a staple of Galentine’s Day. And it’s so much easier and more fun to start a new project when your best friend is there! You can help each other and rely on both your strengths in different areas. TBH- you’ll probably either succeed wildly or fail miserably together, but that’s the fun of it! 😂

Party supplies scattered with a cup of coffee

5. Make a BFF photo collage

Scour your camera rolls and Insta feeds to find your favorite pics together, go get them printed out and put an IRL friendship photo album together! So cute, and you’ll both be able to cherish it forever.

6. Have a BFF binge sesh

Spend time just unapologetically binging out on your shared favorite movies and TV. A few quick rules to keep in mind: sweatpants are required, bras are strictly prohibited, and wine is optional, but highly recommended! 😉 🙌 🎥🍷

7. Discuss your big ideas!

Image of blue, pink and purple vision boards
BTW- these amazing vision board cards are made by Milk Berry shop on Etsy!

Have a brainstorm or vision boarding session together! Have you been thinking of starting a blog, a company, or even just a great new book? Getting input and encouragement from your super smart, talented friend(s) could be just the thing you need to turn a dream into a reality. Your friends are out here to see you succeed, so never miss out on the opportunity to lean on them, and always be a resource as well!

8. Learn some cool new looks on YouTube, and practice them on each other

Watch YouTube videos and learn how to do a cool new hair or makeup trick, and practice on each other! Because A) you’ll learn some amazing new things to keep in your beauty aresenal. And B) having your BFF do your hair and makeup is honestly as relaxing as a massage, and as therapeutic as an hour-long vent sesh with your mom or therapist, but it’s all rolled into one and totally free!

9. Crank the most uplifting, female-empowering music all day

No matter how many of these activities you and your bestie choose to mix and match to create your own perfect Galentine’s Day, you’ve got to have an awesome music mix to back it up! Spend the day rocking out to these with hair brush microphones like the good old days! Here’s our playlist selection:

  • Run The World (Girls)- Beyoncé
  • Independent Woman- Destiny’s Child
  • Beautiful- Christina Aguilera
  • Stronger- Britney Spears
  • Wannabe- Spice Girls
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
  • That’s My Girl- Fifth Harmony
  • Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara
  • Most Girls- Hailee Steinfeld
  • Good As Hell – Lizzo

10. Play the Galentine’s Day drinking game

Yes, we’re totally stealing this from BuzzFeed, but it’s too good not to share! As you and your bestie go about your Galentine’s Day celebration journey, keep this list handy and take an extra sip of rosé every time…

Galentine's Day drinking game

#ProTip: if you and your friend don’t drink, send each other some rosé roses (despite their name, they are non-alcoholic) and eat one whenever these game rules apply!

Happy Galentine’s Day!

Hoepfully you feel prepared to have the best lady holiday of all time, now that you know how to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your bff! And if you’re now sold on the overwhelming amazingness that is Parks and Recreation holidays, check out our Guide to The Perfect Treat Yo Self Day. Because you’re such a great friend, and you need pampering, too!