How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Scavenger Hunt

How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve read our post on coordinating a Halloween version of Secret Santa, you know Team Greetabl is drawing inspiration from other holidays to make Halloween 2020 special. This time around? We’re looking at you, Easter. (Kinda.)

We are serving up all the Sanderson sister vibes but without the attitude.

Door to door trick-or-treating is out of the question for many, but that doesn’t mean the process of retrieving candy has to be a complete wash. After all, Easter is kind of like Halloween without the neighbors… maybe? It might be a stretch, but we stand by it. We’re recommending the same seek-and-find strategy to take spooky season to the next level with a Halloween scavenger hunt. 

We know what you’re thinking: you’ve never heard of this before and you’re skeptical. We haven’t either. But that’s the most liberating thing about creating new traditions. There are no rules, expectations, or standards. You’re free to create a completely new event without comparing yourself to other people. We’re so over mom-shaming, anyway. 

So grab a few scavenger hunt clues, some trick-or-treating bags, and hide your kid’s Halloween candy (not in the Jimmy Kimmel way, but we’re not judging if you do). Not totally sold on the idea yet?

Here are 8 ideas to create the ultimate Halloween scavenger hunt:

1. Decorate, Decorate, Then Decorate Some More 

Fall and Halloween decorations are the best, so does this need further explanation? This is a universal takeaway: If you feel a lack of joy at any point in time, throw up some decorations and think of a reason to celebrate. 

This year, make the decorations grander than before.  During quarantine, the same four walls start to feel small. Mixing it up will make your home feel fresh and new again. We’ve been looking at the same scenery for 7 months now and we promise the extra effort will be totally worth it. 

If you’re fortunate to live in a climate that is conducive to outdoor activities, decorate both the inside and outside of the house. Kids and adults alike will love creeping around the “graveyard” to retrieve their Reese’s Pieces. This year’s Halloween falls on a full moon, so they’ll be able to hunt down their candy by moonlight (and with the help of a few flashlights). Spooky! 

If you live in a colder climate or an apartment without an area to social-distance outside, no worries! Keeping things inside can still be just as fun. Mix your hiding spots with places on the ground, up high, and at eye level to keep the hunt engaging for your monsters. Leverage all your square footage! Our friends at Country Living have easy yet amazing ideas to make your space festive, so you don’t have to feel limited by resources.

2. Add Spooky Thrills

Make picking up candy as interactive as you can. Create-your-own-cauldron by burying candy in green jell-o. Add elements to the scavenger hunt that make it more challenging (and fun!) than simply picking up candy in a semi-hidden spot. This goes hand-in-hand with the decorations: the more you can put into it, the more everyone will get out of it. By making the scavenger hunt a production, you’re allowing everyone to escape reality in a safe, joy-filled way.

3. Create a Storyline

Add riddles to your Halloween scavenger hunt. Pinterest has countless templates, so you don’t even have to dream up snappy lines (thank goodness, right? We are all too tired for that). Kids will love the catchy clues along the way. This will create an “at-home escape room” that everyone will be sure to love. Do it in teams or as individuals – the choice is up to you! 

4. Set a Timer 

This one is for all you competitors out there. Create a race against the clock. You can determine the exact rules on this, but we know something about a ticking timer ignites an adrenaline rush like no other. Beware of sibling rivalry. 

5. Add a Grand Prize

We’ll never complain about “only” getting candy, but this is a great idea to take your Halloween scavenger hunt to the next level. We love the idea of a Greetabl gift serving as a grand prize, as opening up the gift is an experience in and of itself. Check out our gift guide if you’re looking for specific Halloween gift ideas – we’re not short on recommendations! 

6. Dress Up in Costume

We know, you’re going to say that no one will see your costumes and it seems like a waste. We feel that, but we could still all use a little bit of “normal” in this (yuck – can’t believe I’m using this word) unprecedented year. Even if it means breaking out an old costume from the past, dress up! Take group photos to remember the moment. You only get this year once, so make the most of it and suit up like the superhero you are.

7. Finish with an Activity 

To complete the scavenger hunt, host a surprise activity at the end. Alongside the candy, hide ingredients for s’mores and roast them afterwards. Have a game night and throw on your favorite Halloween movie in the background. Build a blanket fort to eat candy inside. Use your childlike imagination to explore the possibilities. Remember Halloween falls on daylight savings, so you get an extra hour to recover on Sunday. 

8. Make the Most of it

Do what makes sense for your family, but commit to making their night magical from start to finish. When you look back, you’ll all say “Remember that Halloween during COVID?”. And with great fondness, you’ll smile at all the things that went both right and wrong.

We know this year has put tight demands on everyone’s bandwidth and budget, so remember that “things” don’t make the holiday special. Between working from home and assisting with virtual learning, we know you’re strapped for resources. However this Halloween turns out, don’t beat yourself up. The main takeaway: do something to get everyone’s quarantine bodies off the couch and minds distracted from the stressors of this year. Be sure to browse our resources on unique Halloween gifts for more!