Thanks for Following Along: Mother's Day 2021

Thanks for Following Along: Mother's Day 2021

Dear Greetabl Community,

Thank you so much for following along with our Mother’s Day campaign this year! We put so much of ourselves into our collaboration with the Fertility Tribe and we have been blown away by your responses.

When we put something like this out into the world, it’s hard to know how people will react. That moment that we clicked send on my letter talking about my personal journey with Mother’s Day, I thought “Is anyone going to get this? Will they even read past the first sentence?”. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to be vulnerable to a big list of strangers.

So thank you for reading our emails, following our journey on Instagram, and I would like to personally give a giant shout-it-from-the-roof-tops thank you to those of you who replied to let us know what this campaign meant to you. I read each of those emails and social media comments personally and I cannot express how much they meant to me. Most importantly, thank you for encouraging the people in your life who needed it most this Mother’s Day season!

We always say that our customers are the best people we know, and once again you’ve proven us right. YOU are an amazing human and we are so glad you’re part of the Greetabl community.

To those who are celebrating, happy Mother’s Day! And to those who need it, I’m holding you in my heart today as you grieve.

xx, Brittany Wells