Personalized Gifts for Father's Day

Personalized Gifts for Father's Day

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day!” like a personalized gift with his favorite photo(s). If you’re looking to give your Dad a gift he will remember, we’re here to help you select the perfect pictures for his Father’s Day present. Why? Well, because — 

Personalization matters. 

Father’s Day gifts are typically pretty impersonal and therefore pretty lame. Let’s face it – Dad doesn’t need another power tool. Dad doesn’t need a gift that requires (his) assembly. This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift he doesn’t have to make, build, or grill by giving personalized photos. 

Not sure where to start?

Check out our tips and tricks to choose the best photos for your Father’s Day gift:

His Favorite Picture of You 

Is there a photo of you that your Dad seems to love? Yea, us too. For one reason or another, this picture is your Dad’s favorite… regardless of how unflattering, ridiculous, and mortifying it may be. 

He’ll love the ability to pull his fave pic out of his wallet and show everyone (literally, everyone!) this picture of you. 

On a trip to the hardware store? He’ll pull out this pic.

Ran into an old friend he hasn’t seen in awhile? He’ll pull out this pic. 

At a family reunion? He’ll pull out this pic. 

You get the picture (no pun intended). 

Image of child laughing and playing with dinosaurs

Picture of His Grandchildren

If you have children, there’s a strong chance that grandpa is his favorite role yet. Your Dad will be sure to adore a gift with photos of his grandchildren. For an extra special touch, look for a few great pictures of them that have him included. 

Image of grandparents with grandchildren at the beach

Picture from His Childhood 

Your Dad will appreciate walking down memory lane with old pictures from his childhood. You can include photos with his parents, school yearbook pictures, or those beloved summer camp images everyone seems to have. Think of his favorite memories from growing up and locate pictures to reflect some of his fondest times! 

Image of a stack of old photos

Picture from His Favorite Place

Does your Dad love going to the lake every summer? Include a picture from his favorite destination – near or far. 

Image of lake and trees

Picture Doing His Favorite Activity 

Fishing, golfing, grilling – you name it. If you have a picture of Dad doing his favorite thing, include it in your Father’s Day gift. This will evoke a joyful emotion and take him to a place of zen. After all, Dads deserve a break. 

Image of two people fishing and sitting on the bank.

Picture With His Sibling(s)

Choose a picture from childhood or adulthood. Your Dad will love to have a picture with his sibling(s) on-hand!

Image of family gathered around a kitchen island, smiling.

Picture From His Favorite Age

If you read our post on conversational questions to ask your dad, we recommended you ask your father what his favorite age has been. (We also listed a variation to ask what his favorite age was to parent)

With that takeaway, include a picture from his favorite stage of life. He’ll love the extra layer of thoughtfulness and intention behind your gift.

Image of parents helping child ride a bike

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