Unique Halloween Gift Ideas For All Your People

Unique Halloween Gift Ideas For All Your People

It’s the Most Frightful Time of the Year and we’ve got an even more unique Halloween gift guide— filled with ideas— to prove it!

Tired of the same ‘ol same ‘ol Halloween gifts? It happens. People catch onto creepy and cute, and suddenly all those super unique gift ideas are not quite as unique anymore. If you are looking for something new, have no fear. Because this is a year like no other, Halloween 2020 seems to have already started months ago. 

So, go with it.

Wave your freak flag high and make this year’s Halloween Gifts as bizarre and offbeat as the year itself. That’s the way to do it. You can’t bamboozle us, 2020. We’re the unique gift experts. Bring. It. On. Halloween is still on.

No matter what taunts and torments 2020 has brought us, you can’t cancel Fall and October is already here– so we might as well get back to all the creepy crawly crazy crafts that make this time of year festive and fun. Besides, what else is there to do during a pandemic but get creative and make gifts? 

Here we explore plenty of Boo-It-Yourself unique Halloween gifts for both kids AND adults, including Halloween gift tags to turn typical gifts into spooky ones, and of course, the most sinister Halloween gift bags and boxes you can scheme up!

Okay, people. Time to channel your inner Mad Scientist. We’re bringing this monster TO LIFE. Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, so let’s embrace all that is lurking in the shadows and show them who’s boss on Hallow’s Eve.

If you feel lately like we have been cast under an evil spell, or perhaps that you will be glad to see the back of 2020, you wouldn’t be alone. Halloween is a favorite holiday even in the most frightening of times… so let’s make it the BEST part of this frightful spell!

Halloween Gift Tags

Did you know that you can make just about ANYTHING Halloween themed simply by getting creative with the labels? We’ve handpicked a few of our favorites here and left you with plenty of ideas to let your own imagination run wild!

Destroy the Demon Breath

Make someone’s blood run cold by re-labeling a box of mints or brightly colored candies. These are too cute (and multi-functional) NOT to keep telling you about them. 

Tic Tacs are a favorite for both kids and adults, but don’t rule out Lifesavers and Altoids! For less than a dollar each this-easy-to-make treat fits right into your budget (and your pocket!).

Super easy little gifts to send in the mail or add to a Halloween gift bag, these monster mints are sure to be a big hit. School has found a way to keep going through these crazy times, so why not offer these to your kid’s teachers and classmates in a surprise drop off? 

MAKE YOUR OWN! Glue sticks should do the trick if you don’t happen to have printable sticker paper around or easily download the templates here

😈    Ghost Poop

😈    Witch Warts

😈    Jack O’Lantern Seeds

😈    Vampire Vitamins

😈    Scaredy Cat Nip

😈    Zombie Lozenges

😈    WereWolf Tablets

Fight Off the Scaries

Keep the boogeyman AND the virus away with some imaginative decorative tags for Halloween Hand Sanitizers and Scary Soap. Create your own template on some cardstock or visit here for some free printable labels. We’ll start you off with some ideas:

🎃   Say BOO to Germs!

🎃   Germs Are Frightful!

🎃   Scare the Germs Away!

🎃   Kill the Creepy Crawlies!

🎃   Scare the Germs Away!

🎃   Even Witches Need to Wash

🎃   Scare the Germs Away!

🎃   Creepin’ in Clean

🎃   Cleanliness is Next to Creepiness

There isn’t a person alive (or dead!) who wouldn’t find this incredibly practical and useful on Halloween in 2020. It’s also a horrifyingly healthy alternative to candy that no trick-or-treater would dare throw away. Use them in Halloween gift baskets for coworkers, teachers, classmates… and all your best witches.

Want to make it easier? Greetabl has these hand sanitizer gifts available – and we’ll send it for you! No Boo-it-Yourself required. You’re welcome.

Be Wise. Sanitize.

This Lavender Hand-Sanitizer has a clean and calming aroma to bring you freshness and relaxation in addition to cleanliness. Scented with essential oils for hydration, this effective sanitizer adheres to CDC guidelines.

Image of Lavender Pocket Sanitizer Spray

Or, keep the Goblins Gone with Citrus Spritz. This Lemon Lime Hand Sanitizer Spray is made with 70% alcohol and scented with the citrus aroma of lemon and lime essential oils. What a refreshing way to help hands, keyboards, and other surfaces stay germ-free (and virus) free!

Bone-Chilling Beverages

For Adults Only: You may not be able to share a cocktail in person this Halloween, so send your favorite party peeps a bottle of something to enjoy on a Skype Cocktail Hour. These are easily made with bone-chilling stickers. *For the kids, these can be put on juice boxes and added to Halloween gift bags.

🕷   Spider Venom

🕷   Zombie Juice

🕷   Rat Poison

🕷   Vampire Blood

🕷   Witches Brew

🕷   Frankenstein Fizz

🕷   Ghost Boos

🕷   Dragon Potion

Halloween Gift Bags and Boxes

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but we know that when you are without your favorite boos, life can get grueling. The cure? 

Deluxe Halloween Care-Packages

Create a Monster Mash Goodie Basket to make up for all the candy they may be missing this year. Make a Halloween Boo Box for you kids at college, or a frightfully fun Halloween Pail for your little trick-or-treaters who may not have as much opportunity to show off a fantastic costume this Halloween. 

This is a guaranteed formula for fun that will chase away the goblins and the ghastliness. Your Monster Mash Gift Box can be filled with a plethora of the following tricks and treats:

👻   Boo-worthy Bubbles

👻   Halloween card games 

👻   Dracula fangs

👻   Face masks

👻   Teddy bear dressed as a witch

👻   Squeezable Pumpkin Ball

👻   Halloween Story Book or Thriller

👻   Halloween sticker sheets

👻   MadLibs

👻   Tarot Cards

👻   Halloween Cookies and Candy

👻   Pixie Sticks

👻   Silly String

👻   Halloween Microwaveable Popcorn

Looking for more ideas on the best Halloween gifts? Check out our gift guide for all your ghosts and goblins.