A Case for Valentine's Day Gifts That Are *Actually* Good

A Case for Valentine's Day Gifts That Are *Actually* Good

Valentine’s Day. It’s arguably the holiday that brings about the most strong and polarizing reactions. You’re either all in favor of the day or not. at. all. Rarely is there ever an in-between. No one is lukewarm about V-Day. 

If you’re on the anti-side of Cupid’s holiday, it’s probably for good reason. Valentine’s Day is filled with high expectations, mark-ups on gifts, and probably some amount of angst. We’ve allowed ourselves to be swept away by society’s strange standards of the holiday and lost the true meaning somewhere in translation. 

What went so wrong? The problem:

There aren’t great options for Valentine’s Day gifts. 

So what if you have to scour the aisles of Target or Wal-Mart to find a gift for your friend, family member, and/or partner? You’re accustomed to googling ideas on “Valentine’s Day gifts for her” or “Valentine’s Day gifts for him”, scouring the internet for decent options. And let’s be real… you’ve wasted so much time looking, you now probably have to resort to Amazon Prime for a quick gift.

Upon taking an honest survey of the holiday, we’d argue there are several residual impacts from the failures of the gifting industry. It’s not just that there is a lack of options, it’s that the lack of options brings about other issues to the holiday. Side effects, if you will.

We’re not going to leave with you a list of complaints… we know that’s not helpful. Listen up…

We are going to highlight the issues of Valentine’s Day gifts and provide you with better recommendations.

Issue #1: Sky-High Prices 

According to an article from Business Insider, “Rose prices surge up to 100% on Valentine’s Day”. Feels a little silly, right? You might be thinking… well, that’s just the nature of Valentine’s Day. And, it is what it is. 

But let’s think about these mark-ups outside of a Valentine’s Day or holiday framework. First, we’ll set the scene. You want to buy a morning cup of coffee before one day of work this week. You’re desperate to shake up the WFH routine. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, your latte will cost $5. On Tuesday, the same exact latte will cost $10. Now, wouldn’t it be ludicrous to buy your coffee on Tuesday? You can either A) save half your money or B) get twice as much coffee for the same price. 

So why does our logic go out the window when it’s February 14th? We justify the cost because it’s what is expected (or whatever). 

Regardless of the laws of supply and demand, we strongly disagree with this tactic from other retailers. Not only are they unnecessarily emptying your pocketbooks, but the overspending bleeds into another issue, outlined next.

Issue #2: Piles of Pressure

Because everyone is spending an astronomical amount of money on Valentine’s Day gifts, the pressure is exponentially increased. Whether conscious thought or not, we all walk into the holiday expecting something. So with high expectations and a considerable amount of money spent, the pressure automatically ensues. 

Even if you have a no-gift rule, there’s still a bit of tension in meeting expectations in other ways. Trust us, once you or your partner start scrolling on Instagram, you’ll likely feel the need to celebrate in some capacity. So do you go blow a ton of money on a last-minute gift? Do you splurge on an experience instead?

Issue #3: Gimmicks, Gimmicks, & More Gimmicks 

If silly gifts are your thing, we aren’t here to judge. But for a lot of us, the red and pink jumbo-sized stuffed animals don’t carry a ton of meaning. Chances are, you’ll hold onto it for a couple weeks. If you have ample storage in your home, maybe you hold onto it for a couple years. But at some point, we’d wager that you’ll get rid of it in the trash pile… without a second thought. 

Valentine’s Day is hallmarked by marked-up gifts that will wind up in the trash. All for what? Traditions that no one really seems to enjoy all that much anyway. 

Issue #4: Loss of Personalization 

Valentine’s Day gifts typically aren’t personalized or well-thought-out… you know, since they’re bought directly off the shelf.  At Greetabl, we believe giving thoughtful gifts can still be FUN. Giving meaningful gifts to your people doesn’t have to be stressful or even time-consuming.

Issue #5: The Gifts Don’t Serve all Your Relationships

Cutting right to the chase, society does a poor job of celebrating singles. We pity those who are uncoupled and we have a collective undertone of being “single on Valentine’s Day”. It’s dumb, right? In response, we’ve shared our thoughts on ways to love your people, sans weird and awkward interactions. 

The current reality is a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t targeted to celebrating all relationships in your life. Typically, they’re made for your romantic partner… definitely not your mother, grandchild, friend, or co-worker. We believe V-Day should honor all the relationships in your life and there should be gifts to reflect that.

The Solution

You get the problem… but that’s not helpful unless we offer a real solution. Consider the following for your best Valentine’s Day gift yet:

  1. Ditch the mark-up. Our Valentine’s Day prints are the same price as every other design on our website. We’re not going to charge our customers more simply because there are hearts on it. While looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, we encourage you to purchase from retailers who do the same.
  2. Shop small. This goes hand-in-hand with the above point. Instead of purchasing from big-box retailers who are looking to profit on Cupid, turn to independent artists and makers. It’ll make your gifts more unique and special, plus you’ll likely be saving in the long run. Our fleet of small creators inspires us every day.
  3. Personalize your gifts. If you’ve been on our website, you know we offer the ability to personalize each message. In addition, you can customize your gift with your own photos. Those little extra things make a big impact on your recipient. Look for small details that will make your person feel valued, understood, and loved.
  4. Remember to make the holiday fun. Greetabl makes it easy to send fun, affordable, and memorable gifts so that you can feel closer to the people who matter in your life. We shouldn’t make it more complicated than that.
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