Who Team Greetabl is Celebrating This Mother's Day

Who Team Greetabl is Celebrating This Mother's Day

You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This Mother’s Day, our team wants to acknowledge all the women in our lives who helped shape us into the people we are. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our post on The 6 Types of Women You Should be Celebrating This Mother’s Day for a little inspiration. After all, mothers come to us in many forms.

From grandmothers to friends, check out Team Greetabl’s list of people we will be celebrating this Mother’s Day:

Paige, Account Manager

Who: Gigi, Great Aunt Shirley (GAS), Mom

What: Gigi = Happy Roses Print + Handmade Flower Candle; Great Aunt Shirley: Paris Rose Print + Mother’s Day Caramel Box; Mom: Many Hats Print + Best Mom Ever Tea Towel

Why: If there’s anything Gigi loves, it’s fresh flowers; particularly roses. The Happy Roses Print has always reminded me of my Grandma and the design paired with a fresh, flowery candle is perfect.

Aunt Shirley had a French Poodle named Pierre so I always think of her when I think of the Paris Rose Print. GAS has a sweet tooth so the caramels will totally make her day.

To this day, my mom does it all – she’s always on call when I have baby questions, she’s daycare at least once a week, she was a glorified taxi through my youth, driving me and my siblings to school, practice, or friends’ houses. She has pushed me to be the best version of myself, including providing a much needed dose of reality when I was too wrapped up in the dramas and woes of being a teenager.

Zoë, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

Who: My BFF Sarah

What: Many Hats Print + Best Mom Socks + Rose Face Mask

Why: Sarah is pregnant with her second child and trying to take care of the first, all while kicking butt at work and becoming a name to watch in urban planning. She truly does wear ALL of the hats (including some big floppy beach hats which I plan on borrowing from her this summer).

Cora, Email Marketing Specialist

Who: Mom

What: Many Hats Print, Mother’s Day Caramels + Starbucks gift card

Why: I will be gifting to my Mom the Many Hats design with the Mother’s Day Caramels and a Starbucks gift card. I chose this design because she has been my coach, teacher, cheerleader, best friend, and most importantly my Mom. She has essentially been my support system and I would not be who I am today without her. She has always put her family first and I want to show her that all her sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. So this Mother’s Day I am gifting her two of her favorite things in the world, coffee, and caramels.

Abby, Customer Happiness Specialist

Who: Mom and Sister

What: Sister = Many Hats Print + Mother’s Day Caramel Box; Mom = Love My Mom Print + Best Mom Ever Tea Towel

Why: I will be sending my Sister the Many Hats Print with the Happy Mother’s Day Caramel Box. My sister is truly an amazing mom to her little munchkins! She manages to work full-time and spend time with her family incredibly well – she wears ALL the hats! And the Caramels are perfect for her sweet tooth.

For my mom, I will be sending her the I Love My Mom Print with the Best Mom Ever Tea Towel. She always has cute tea towels hanging on her oven, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give her a reminder of how great of a mom and grandma she is! That way, she can be reminded every day.

Courtney, Customer Happiness Specialist

Who: My Nanny

What: Nautical Stripe Design + Sea Salt Hand Creme

Why: I’ll be gifting my Nanny the Nautical Stripe Design because I know how much she loves the ocean, everything navy blue, and warmer weather. As a gift, I chose the Sea Salt Hand Creme, because who doesn’t love shea butter!? After a year of not being able to see her children or grandchildren on a regular basis, I cannot wait to spend time with her this Mother’s Day!

Megan, Marketing Specialist

Who: My Mentor, Amy

What: Special Person Design + Hanging Photo Frame

Why: Amy was one of my college professors but she quickly turned into one of the most important people in my life. I had several surgeries while in school and she stepped in to ensure I was always supported. Believe it or not, I moved in with her family for extended periods of time while I was recovering.

She’d update my out-of-state parents on how I was doing, cooked dinners for me (mind you, I was on a super strict diet), and helped me with little tasks I couldn’t do by myself. She’s truly my special person.