How To Halloween in Style

How To Halloween in Style

Who says you can’t give people gifts for Halloween? Who says only kids can get super excited about dressing up and getting candy?

Not Greetabl! Our celebration philosophy includes every possible holiday & occasion, and we strongly believe in indulging in sweets at any age 🎁 🍭. #Values

"Yes, I still want candy."

If you agree that Halloween is an amazing time for gifting (when isn’t?!), then you should know that we already got your back. We’ve put the whole package together in the form of print + gift + message combos for all the most important people in your life:

For Your Ghoulfriends

Eye Love You Print + Malvi Marshmallows in raspberry hibiscus 🌸

Greetabl gift box displayed with Malvi Marshmallows and pupmkins

Pass this note to your BFF:

Thank you for always being there to support me, I appreciate everything you do! Hope this sweet little treat brightens up your Halloween!

For Your Mummy

Crowns All Around Print + Champagne Bubbles 👑

Greetabl Gift Box displayed with Champagne Bubbles Gummy Candy

Send with this positive thank you note:

Mom, what would I do without you?! You run the world and do so with a smile on your face. Basically… you’re the queen of everything, and you deserve a treat. Enjoy!

For Your Little Monster

Fierce Felines Print + Mouth Party Caramels 🐯

Greetabl Gift box displayed with Mouth Party Caramels

Include this encouraging message for your fave kiddo:

I hope you have SO much fun trick or treating!! Here’s a lil extra candy to get you started! Go get ‘em tiger!

For Your Boo

Vintage Professional  Print + Desert Sage Candle 🔥
Greetabl gift box displayed with candles and pumpkins

Send this short & sweet love note:

Happy Halloween, boo! You’re pretty amazing, and I promise I won’t ghost on you 😉

For Your Best Witches

Fancy Dots Print + Mini Copper Mugs 🍻

Greetabl gift box displayed with Mini Copper Mugs

Include this spooky sentiment for your friend:

Can’t wait to party it up with you on Halloween! Here’s a little gift in advance- it’s perfect for filling with witches brew ;). Xoxo

Even More Inspo

Now all you have to do is get ready for the amazing feeling that comes when someone opens your personal, curated gift.

And in the meantime, focus on getting the perfect costume together (it helps with the anticipation). We’ll leave you with some of our favorite celeb costumes to spark great ideas for you & your family, bae or BFF:

  1. Literally all of Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka’s family costumes. The family of four has dressed as the Batman gang, Star Wars characters, Peter Pan & crew, old Hollywood movie stars and more. Always the cutest!
  2. Beyoncé, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy with their amazing personal spin on the classic Barbie characters
  3. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend as Mario and Princess Peach
  4. Katy Perry & her BFF as Daria and Jane Lane
  5. Vanessa Hudgens & BF as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

Graphic that says, "Hallo-win the hearts of friends and family. Shop Ready-Made Gifts"