Rethinking the Long Distance Relationship: How to Keep in Touch with Faraway Friends

Rethinking the Long Distance Relationship: How to Keep in Touch with Faraway Friends

Romantic relationships get most of the attention when it comes to long distance advice, but being separated from your best friend can be equally challenging.

Like when you’re too far away for brunch or the simple moments. But just because you can’t bond over mimosas doesn’t mean your friendship can’t be preserved – or grow even stronger – while you’re apart.

Here’s how to keep in touch with your long distance best friend:

Go Virtual

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Video chatting is your new lifeline, so have some fun recreating your hangouts virtually! Take getting ready together (the most sacred friendship experience) for example.

FaceTime your friends for that oh-so-crucial outfit feedback before your next big date. This is a go-to move of mine, and while the guy may not have lasted, you can bet our friendship has.

Travel Together

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If IRL opportunities with your friend are limited, make every experience count! Explore each other’s cities and/or some brand new places together. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, look into music festivals for built-in fun!

Your adventures and the subsequent photo-ops are something you’ll both cherish forever. 📸 👯

Just Be There

Seems obvious, but many of us are guilty of lapses, even with friends who live nearby. Commitment isn’t only for romantic relationships.

Stay engaged with your friend’s life. Ask about interesting projects they’re working on or fun plans coming up. Send a text in the morning wishing them a happy, successful day.

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Bottom line: always be there to lift them up or as a shoulder to cry on. If you both continue to show how much you care, your relationship will flourish no matter the distance.

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