You Got This! Stress-Relief Made Simple

You Got This! Stress-Relief Made Simple

Caught in the all too familiar paradox of stressing out while thinking about how stressed out you can get? Trying to juggle all the things while stressed feels both impossible and overwhelming. 

We’re here not just to remind you, but to help you remind yourself of how amazing and capable you are. 

Here are some tactics to help manage your stress, habits, and outlook:

Make Time For Yourself

Often much easier said than done, but it’s crucially important. Even on the busiest of days, we all have to find little moments for ourselves.

The most effective way to do this: play to your nature. If you’re anything like me, you function best when you have some time every day to be alone (well, alone from humans- cuddles from pets are always welcome). Communicate clearly with your roommate or partner, and make sure they understand that you need some space to recharge.

If your energy is revitalized in social settings, make time to engage with others in fun ways! Take a group exercise class, go see a concert, check out a local art or food festival or organize a monthly diner date group amongst your friends.

Get By With a Little Help From Your Planner

You don’t need to Engage with Zorp in order to Organize It! (If you got that reference you may now take 1,000,000 cool points.)

Okay, seriously though, we feel so much better when things around us are organized and running smoothly. This is basically common knowledge. Good thing there are tons of methods to help you keep everything straight.

It’s truly amazing how many digital programs are available to help you keep your tasks and thoughts in order, but the best thing about them? Many run on a set it and forget it system. Meaning they literally remind you of the things you need to do, when you need to do them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options of digital planning, check out this quick guide of the top ones!

Image of a small yellow planner with pink flowers next to it.

If you’re an analog kinda gal, you’re in luck. The daily planner industry has REALLY stepped up their game. There are more options than ever to find your soul planner that fits both your organizational needs and your personal aesthetic. And I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little better about whatever is going on in my life when beautiful design is involved!

Count Your Blessings (Literally)

If you’re feeling totally down and overwhelmed: Stop, take a breath, and list 10 things you’re thankful for.

You’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel just by remembering the great things in your life that you often take for granted. Example: “I have a brilliant mind, I am in good health, my family is loving and supportive, my dog is adorable, etc.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember these key tactics:

  • Make time for yourself 
  • Attack each new goal with a plan
  • Keep the everyday wonders present in your mind!

The more you work this into your routine, the more you will feel a sense of ease and control. All that’s left is to get out there and change the world!

Image with text that says, "Celebrate yourself on your best days, your stressed days & everything in between."