7 Quick Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

7 Quick Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

After a jam-packed summer of travel and activities, the 2021-2022 school year is quickly approaching. Because the world re-opened right alongside summer break, your kids are going to feel the back-to-school blues all the deeper. We can already feel the dread.

To keep the return to the grind as seamless as possible, we’ve compiled our top tips to get your family back into the groove.

Here are 7 quick ways to get your family ready for back to school:

1. Start Your School-Year Routine Early

Your kids are going to fight (or, negotiate with) you on this, but it’s better to start preparing them for earlier mornings now. Start pushing up bedtime and have your kids get ready around their normal wake-up call. Doing this will make their alarm clocks less jarring on the first day of school… and put everyone in a better mood.

2. Purge and Clean

This isn’t how you pictured the end of summer, but we promise you’ll be so glad you spent time doing so.


First things first, go through your child’s clothes and donate anything that no longer fits. Only having items that work will be incredibly helpful on those mornings you’re running late to school drop-off. Plus, this is a great activity to do with your child(ren)!

Once you have a clear understanding of what your child has, you can successfully determine what they actually need. Building a back-to-school clothing list after this step will save you a headache (and money!).


Create an organizational system for this high-traffic area. Think – homework and paperwork bins, backpack hooks, and a shoe station.

Desk or Homework Area

Create a designated space for homework and extra school supplies. This will limit distractions and more importantly – when your child inevitably leaves their supplies at school, you won’t be running to Target in your PJs at 9pm.

This one might be our best idea yet.

3. Do the Laundry (yes, all of it)

Empty the dirty clothes hamper and wash everything – because the ONE thing your child will want to wear is the only piece of clothing you didn’t wash. Double-check that school and sports uniforms, your child’s favorite t-shirt, and all necessary basics are washed and in place.

4. Purchase Teacher Gifts

Alongside all the prep work you’re doing to get ready for the school year, teachers are doing the same in their classrooms. Thank your child’s teachers for all they’ve done and for all they will do in the upcoming school year.

Want a teacher gift that wows? Head straight to our Teacher Love Print, You Rock Mini Mug, and Dunkin or Target Gift Card. We’re not saying your kid is going to be the favorite, but we’re not NOT saying your kid is going to be the favorite. 😉

5. Buy Supplies

It’s an obvious step but we couldn’t leave it off the list. Our GOALS Leather Journal, Lemon Lime Hand Sanitizer, and Silk Face Mask should be on everyone’s supply list.

As an added bonus, purchase a few additional classroom supplies like tissues and paper towels. Teachers often purchase items throughout the school year out of their own pockets, making this a small gesture with a big impact.

6. Create a Family Calendar

Take time to mark down important dates throughout the school year – spirit week, homecoming, and parent/teacher conferences – so you have them readily on hand.

If you have multiple children, try color-coding their activities for ease.

7. Plan for the First Week

Prepare outfit selections and meals for the first week. Hiccups inevitably arise! The extra preparedness will help the morning from going sideways. Depending on the age of your child, assign them the task of doing the prep work.

Bonus Tip: Schedule Time for Last-Minute Fun

Summer has flown. Spend time connecting with your kids before your schedules become completely slammed. You’ll be thankful you carved out unplugged time with them and it’ll give you fuel to get back to the grind.