Siblings Day: Staying Connected When You're Far Apart

Siblings Day: Staying Connected When You're Far Apart

Happy National Siblings Day from all of us at Greetabl! Every year on April 10, social media feeds *flood* with photos and sweet messages of siblings celebrating siblings. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it! This year, Team Greetabl wanted to celebrate all the things that make Siblings Day great by sharing how we stay connected to our siblings when we can’t be together. (We also wanted to one-up our own siblings’ Facebook posts by featuring them on our blog; EXTRA brownie points for us!).

How Team Greetabl Stays Connected to Our Siblings:

Zoë, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Zoë, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer with her sister

“I know my sister is pretty stressed out with Med School these days, so celebrating each other right now looks like tons of 5-minute Facetimes throughout the week. We don’t ask for a ton of each other’s time, but we constantly check-in and support each other.”

Paige, Account Manager

Paige, Account Manager, with her siblings

“We all stay connected through Pokémon Go and a sibling group chat.”

Brittany, Director of Marketing

Brittany, Director of Marketing, with her siblings

“Ben, Rachel, and I haven’t all lived in the same state since I graduated from college, so we have gotten pretty good at keeping in touch digitally. We have a very active family group chat where we share movie quotes and inside jokes from our childhood.”

Ali, Director of Finance & Operations

Ali, Director of Finance & Operations, with her brother and dog.

“My brother Ryan and I stay in touch by calling each other every few weeks and harassing and trolling each other on social media.”

Joe, Founder & CEO

Joe, Founder & CEO, with his sister

“There’s six of us, so live calls are the best way to get all the best he-said-she-said drama going (with no written evidence 😉).”

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  1. Don’t worry everyone, the pic Joe posted is with his most favorite, most beautiful and best sister he has….we don’t even need to mention the “others”. Love you Joe <3

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