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This May Day, Surprise and Delight Your Friends and Neighbors
The first day of May used to be celebrated by hanging a basket filled with flowers, goodies, or sweets on your neighbors’ doors. It served as an opportunity to connect with your people in a unique, meaningful, and celebratory way. Welcome, spring!  At Greetabl, we believe this tradition deserves a comeback. But first, let’s answer
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100 Gift Options for Mother's Day
Each year, we spend hours browsing the web for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. A card doesn’t seem like enough and flowers are too expected. Well, we’re here to encourage you to wave goodbye to generic greeting cards, forgettable gift cards, and short-lived bouquets. Our team has your Mother’s Day shopping covered. From Mother’s Day
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How to Support A Friend Trying to Conceive
There’s a shocking reality that infertility affects more people than we acknowledge. Statistically speaking, someone close to you in your circle has struggled, is struggling, or will struggle to conceive.  Globally, 48.5 million couples experience infertility.  And unless you’ve gone through something similar, infertility can seem like a daunting conversation to have. What should you
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Can We Please Stop Talking About Mother's Day?
If you’ve been tuning in, our Mother’s Day campaign looks a bit different this year. That’s intentional. For several years, we’ve allowed our customers to opt-out of our Mother’s Day content. We understand that Mother’s Day can be triggering for various reasons. Our team wants those who struggle to know they have a safe space
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Who Team Greetabl is Celebrating This Mother's Day
You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This Mother’s Day, our team wants to acknowledge all the women in our lives who helped shape us into the people we are. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our post on The 6 Types of Women You Should be Celebrating
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