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32 Compliments that Have Nothing to do with Physical Appearance
What if I never receive affirmation about my appearance again? It’s the question that haunted me throughout my college years. If you read my piece back during the Mother’s Day season, you know I struggle with ongoing issues regarding my health and physical body.  After an unbelievable amount of surgeries, many of which were on
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Personalized Gifts for Father's Day
Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day!” like a personalized gift with his favorite photo(s). If you’re looking to give your Dad a gift he will remember, we’re here to help you select the perfect pictures for his Father’s Day present. Why? Well, because —  Personalization matters.  Father’s Day gifts are typically pretty impersonal and therefore pretty
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Stakeholder Gifts: Surprise & Delight All Year Long
Investing in your stakeholder relationships during the holiday season is one easy way to set yourself up for success, but true surprise and delight goes so much further than that! You have opportunities all year long to build loyalty and improve overall satisfaction with small gifting moments. Why Surprise & Delight? Many people struggle in
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