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Enter for a Chance to Win $2,500+ in Prizes
Drum roll, we have an exciting sweepstakes announcement to share… Greetabl is participating in FindKeep.Love’s Find Your Bliss Sweepstakes! One lucky winner will receive gift cards and prizes for organic teas, modern lifestyle finds, premium eyewear, natural health supplements, skincare and cosmetics, fitness products, and unique gifts. Prizes include: $300 DLK Gift Card$400 Truelight Gift
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A Guide to Father’s Day Gift Cards: No Assembly Required 😉
This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift he doesn’t have to make, build, or grill. Traditional Father’s Day gifts come with “some assembly required”, which only creates more work for him (AKA, less time to relax!). We believe gift cards are THE solution to your Father’s Day gifting problems. ICYMI, Greetabl is the fun, easy,
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Call Your Father! Conversational Questions to Ask Your Dad
Dads get a lot of calls from their adult kids. And to no one’s surprise, most of those calls have something to do with weird noises, leaking pipes, and that oh-so-common Home Depot overwhelm.  Dad to the rescue.  You might be thinking, but what else is there to talk about?  You’d be surprised at the
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7 (Easy!) Encouraging Ways to Welcome Your Team Back into the Office
We’re at a pivotal moment in time. Vaccines are rolling out. Restaurants are reopening. People are vacationing. And… we are going back to working in person. Re-entering life post-pandemic will be full of moments we will remember forever.  Our first trip post-pandemic. Our first meal inside a restaurant.  Our first time seeing someone outside our
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Thanks for Following Along: Mother's Day 2021
Dear Greetabl Community, Thank you so much for following along with our Mother’s Day campaign this year! We put so much of ourselves into our collaboration with the Fertility Tribe and we have been blown away by your responses. When we put something like this out into the world, it’s hard to know how people
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