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The 3 Most Impactful Times to Give Client Gifts
This is a special guest post from our friends at Honeybook! We’re big fans of the work they do; helping small business owners manage everything in one place so they can spend more time on things they love. And they’re big fans of personalized gifts (thus a friendship was born!). Now you get their expert
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Fun Phone Background Prints by Greetabl
Here at Greetabl, we’re passionate about prints. We source the patterns used as our box prints from designers and illustrators from all over the world, and we’ve made some awesome relationships along the way! A while back we had the idea to make these awesome designs available as fun phone background prints. We’ve promoted certain
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The Best DIY Projects for Your Next Girls Night
We’ve scoured the internet (okay Pinterest because duh) and found all the best girl’s night DIY projects for you and your besties to do together! Everyone has different experience levels with crafting, so we’re going with projects that anyone and everyone can do. We like to think of this DIY idea collection as where pretty meets
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