Client Gifts: Surprise & Delight All Year

Client Gifts: Surprise & Delight All Year

Investing in your client relationships during the holiday season is one easy way to set yourself up for success, but true surprise and delight goes so much further than that! You have opportunities all year long to build loyalty and improve client retention with small gifting moments.

Why Surprise & Delight?

Many people struggle in modern society – after all, we are literally not adapted to our environment. A human being today is overloaded with information, inundated with data, and almost constantly staring at screens. In fact, Forbes found that the average American sees up to 10,000 ads a day! This wreaks havoc on our brains leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. 

In other words, your clients are bombarded every day with new messages, more products to consider, and literally thousands of decisions to make, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. 

Layer on top all other day-to-day demands and you have a recipe for STRESS, which is considered to be the basic cause of over 60% of human illnesses.

So what are our brains adapted to deal with? In a word: relationships. We are outstanding at creating, categorizing, and understanding complex relationships. We are, after all, social creatures, and this skill was essential to survival in a world where cooperation and trust meant food and security whereas isolation and deception meant almost certain death. 

Understanding and utilizing our innate ability to foster relationships can be both personally and professionally rewarding. By investing in surprise and delight, you can unlock increased referrals, raving reviews, and repeat business.

At its core, Strategic Surprise & Delight is about building authentic relationships in a scalable and sustainable way that benefits everyone involved, including the business itself. It applies the best of human psychology, evolutionary biology, sound business principles, and cutting-edge technology to create a Strategic Surprise & Delight process to unlock the full potential of a successful business. 

Gifting Throughout the Year

It’s hard to argue with the concept of Strategic Surprise & Delight – there’s just too much evidence that backs it up; plus, it just feels right. But how do you actually implement this approach in a way that moves the needle for your business (without driving yourself crazy!)? The good news is there are so many moments to connect with your clients during the year that AREN’T in the December holiday season. (Better news? The Greetabl team is here to help!).

Option 1: Holidays & Seasonal Moments

Celebrate fun seasonal moments with your clients to make working together a little more fun – and to show them you care.

  • Q1: Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day
  • Q2: Fun at Work Day, Eat What You Want Day, Celebration of Summer, Say Something Nice Day
  • Q3: International Joke Day, Relaxation Day, Just Because, Happy Fall
  • Q4: Sweetest Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, World Kindness Day

Option 2: Milestones

Recognizing your clients on birthdays, half-birthdays, employment anniversaries, and other key milestones is another fun way to engage your business relationships.

Greetabl has a special Special Moments package for corporate clients that enables you to place one bulk send per month. All you have to do is send us your recipient information for birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, or random reasons to celebrate. From there, we will submit the order on your behalf.

Key moments of Surprise and Delight

Option 3: Client Recognition

Another way to incorporate gifting into your client engagement strategy is for recognition awards. Many Greetabl clients use gifting as a way to honor their most important relationships.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use gifting for client recognition:

  • Completion of Large Projects – Send gifts at the end of the project to thank them for all their collaboration and trust in the process.
  • Most Valued Customer Awards – Have a client who you adore or someone who chooses your business time and time again? Be sure to thank them for their loyalty!

Download Greetabl’s Strategic Surprise & Delight Report to learn more.