How to Save Precious Time by Implementing a Quarterly Gifting Strategy

How to Save Precious Time by Implementing a Quarterly Gifting Strategy

Calling all small business owners, solopreneurs, go-getters, and creatives! You know the strength of your client relationships is the backbone of your business. And if you’ve read any of our previous posts (like our resources on creative client gifts and the best gifting strategies), you know how passionate we are about investing in your existing customers. 

But somewhere amongst the content pitches, sales calls, and social media planning, you have to make time for managing your customer relationships. A personal assistant could be dedicated to just doing that job alone. You’re not Miranda Priestly (yet), so unfortunately hiring an Andy or Emily is just not an option. 

If you’re finding yourself getting overwhelmed trying to manage your professional relationships, we’d like to encourage you! As experts in relationship-building, we are here to increase both impact and efficiency. In building a client gifting strategy into your quarterly planning, your customer relationships are going to soar. 

So lift your tired head from your chaotic, never-ending pile of to-dos and listen up.

Here are a few ways to ensure quick and flawless execution of your client gifts to harness those relationships:

Develop a System to Invest in New Customer Relationships

If you aren’t engaging with newly-landed deals, create a roadmap of touchpoints with your recently-added customers. Maybe you say hello to new social followers with a voice message. You might have an email flow to engage new subscribers with useful content. 

But, don’t stop there. If you’re looking to make a meaningful impression early on, new client booking gifts are a great way to make a lasting impression. There are several ideas for new customer gifts here, but we’re confident Greetabl makes this easier (and better!) than any of our competitors. With the ability to create unique and personalized gifts, Greetabl stands above the rest. 

We know gifting personalization sounds like a total time drain, but we understand the value of your time. Client gift-giving has never been easier with the launch of our most requested feature: scheduled deliveries! Now, you can book a date up to 90 days in advance to send a Greetabl gift.

What does this mean in implementing a new customer gifting strategy? If you block out some time once per month to send all new customers a gift, the heavy lifting is done for you. Only three times per quarter, you’ll need to set aside about an hour to build out and schedule your Greetabl gift deliveries. 

That means: 

  • No more logging on each time you land a new contract.
  • No more poorly-timed gifts because you just couldn’t get around to it.
  • No more last-minute scrambling to send gifts created on-the-fly.

Which translates to:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Less work.
  • Better quality.
  • More time. 

Plan Time to Cultivate Your Former Customers 

Now that you have a path forward for new customers, think about your previous customers. Are they merely a ghost of the past? Or are they plugged in, engaged, and your #1 advocate?

Ask yourself the tough questions:

  • When was the last time you connected with your clients? Are you creating frequent touchpoints with them? 
  • How are your customers interacting with your brand? Are they cheering for you on social media? Recommending your brand to their network? Leaving positive customer experience reviews?
  • Do your customers know they hold continued value, or do your interactions seem merely transactional? (ie, they purchase once and that’s the end)

Examples of gifting strategies we recommend for former clients vary from sending surprise and delight gifts to thank you gifts. Pick a lane that makes sense for your business and run with it. It’s never too late to re-engage with your people. 

Like new client gifts, scheduled deliveries makes this abundantly easy. Maybe you’re a wedding photographer and want to celebrate the couple’s 1 year anniversary. How easy is it to look ahead and schedule your gifts for their first major milestone as a couple? Your people will feel SO cared for and they’ll assume you set aside a ton of time to remember their special day. Our secret? It took minimal time and effort. 

Realtors – here’s an amazing opportunity to celebrate your client’s first year in their home! This is a great way to keep top of mind and keep the referrals flooding your inbox. Block out a little time to schedule your delivery dates for the quarter.

Now, Sit Back and Let the Compliments Pour In

THIS is the fun part. Hearing the adoring praise from your customers will have you feeling on top of the world. Knowing your time spent planning ahead of time paid off (and then some!) will make the effort at the beginning of the quarter worth it. 

The TLDR: Settle on a Gifting Strategy and Schedule It to Happen

Client gifts can go a long way in building lasting relationships and show appreciation for your customers. This can easily turn a satisfied, one-time customer into a raving fan! 

Still unsure on how to get started? If you’ve never sent client gifts before, the holidays are a great reason to start. Browse our resources on holiday client gifts to get inspired:

Additional Tips for Success

Get Organized

Whether you rely on a Google calendar or use old-fashioned pen-and-paper, get organized for quarterly planning. Write down all key dates for the next three months and see your workflow laid out. This will help you visualize the scope of the work you’re up against and prioritize your time to complete the necessary deliverables. 

If you’re into color coding, do it. If you need to set up reminders, do it. One of the best favors you can do for yourself is implementing a time management structure that works for you. Get clear on where you’re needed and when. You’re going to miss milestones if you do not plan. 

Be Strategic with Marketing Dollars

Steer clear of the common mistake: many entrepreneurs invest all their dollars at the top of the funnel. Meaning, they fail to nurture the amazing fan-base they’ve already acquired. If you’re pressed for budget and cannot invest in your current customers, take time to evaluate your spend on new customer acquisition. 

Remember the Rules

The IRS has some pretty tough guidelines for client gifting. Be sure to refer to our resource to ensure you’ll receive a full tax deduction on your client gifts.