The Greetabl Guide to Remote Gifting: How to Show Your Coworkers You Care

The Greetabl Guide to Remote Gifting: How to Show Your Coworkers You Care

If one thing is for certain in an otherwise uncertain year, the typical workplace environment has shifted as we know it. Most of the world is now working remote, and with over 70% of the workforce anticipated to be remote by 2025, it looks like work from home life is here to stay. It’s not without good reason – there’s a lot of perks to working from home. Gallup reports working remotely increases employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. 

But there’s one obvious downfall to remote work: the lack of human connection. No longer can you go grab a coffee with a coworker or head out to lunch. In fact, “how to avoid loneliness when working from home” has popped up as a new frequently searched term. In combination with social distancing, your connection to your coworkers is more important than ever. Remember you spend more time with them than most people in your life. 

Good news, helping you connect with those who matter most is kinda our jam. We know you’re a busy professional, so we’ve made it EASY and FUN for you to reach out to those you work alongside. In a matter of minutes, you can send a gift in the mail to anyone on your remote team. Our pre-built packages make it simpler than ever to show you care (OR you can create something completely personalized from scratch!). 

Here are Team Greetabl’s 5 tips to nail remote gifting for your remote coworkers, boss, and team:

Lunch Is On Me!

Pick up the tab for lunch or coffee by sending a gift card to your coworkers or boss. You can always go the e-gift card route, but if you’re looking to make your gift card memorable, consider sending one in a Greetabl gift. Starbucks, Uber Eats, and DoorDash have never felt more personal! After all, Greetabl is the only way to send a gift card when you really care. 

Image of "Safe Delivered Meal" Merch Bundle: Greetabl gift with UberEats gift card and Hand Sanitizer.

Send a meal in one click!

Happy Birthday from Afar 

When the world was still in-person, paying for lunch or coffee was a quick, easy way to make your coworker feel appreciated on their birthday. Guess what? You can exercise the same amount of effort for a higher for a more personal pay-off. In less than five minutes, you can send your coworker a surprise gift in the mail… no trip to USPS required. 

Image of "Happy Birthday Wish" Merch Bundle: Greetabl gift with Happy Birthday Candle and Confetti.

Looking for more? Head to our birthday shop

We Make a Great Team

A little extra recognition is always appreciated. Did you nail a project together? Don’t hesitate to send a little something to celebrate your collective wins. Did someone go the extra mile for you to get a project across the finish line? Never expected but always welcome, send a little note of thanks. Nothing says “I love working with you” like chocolate. 

Image of "Perfect Thank You" Merch Bundle: Greetabl Gift with Hand-Dipped Chocolate and $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

Here’s to You!

Celebrating personal wins of your coworkers is an instant way to feel more connected. Especially when in-person celebrations are currently halted, your teammate will greatly appreciate the extra effort in helping them feel celebrated. 

“Pop a bottle” for a new home, engagement, pregnancy, promotion, or any tiny victory you can think of. Cheers!

Image of "Champagne Congrats" Greetabl Gift with Champagne Bears and Confetti

Sending My Thoughts 

If your coworker is going through a tough time, it can be hard to know exactly what to do. Should you say something in a private meeting? Do you not say anything at all?

Image of "Sorry Things Have Been Tough" Merch Bundle: Greetabl Gift with Essential Oil Spray

We have Greetabl gifts well-suited for those who are going through hardship. Say, “I’m thinking of you!” in minutes. If this doesn’t hit the right notes, visit our tough times shop for a little assistance.

Looking for another occasion or gift type? Head to to get started.