How Real Business Owners Use Greetabl to Succeed

How Real Business Owners Use Greetabl to Succeed

Greetabl has spent a lot of time getting to know our customers over the years. It’s crucial for understanding their needs, and ultimately improving their experience. Plus, it’s straight up fun! Greetabl customers are some of the coolest, most thoughtful and insightful people ever.

As a small business ourselves, we’ve put a great deal of effort into helping others grow their client relationships, and grow their businesses in turn.

We’ve sent surveys, conducted one-on-one interviews, and had countless conversations with professions who email us, or chat with us on our website.

Now, we want to share what we’ve learned about how real business owners are using Greetabl, and what lessons you can learn from their success.

Shared Stories and Tips

Although Greetabl customers run the professional gamut – from photographers to financial planners, dentists to life coaches – they all have one big thing in common. These pros understand how important it is to establish a real, lasting connection with their clients. 

Basically, they care enough to want to go above and beyond. They want to surprise and delight clients, because they know that engaging in this way leads to increases in repeat and referral business.

Without that starting foundation, you’ll have a hard time growing your client base.

And while every successful professional has had to learn what works best for their brand through trial and error – you can have a head start! Let’s look at what many have been able to accomplish, and the tactics they all have in common.

Emma Rose quote on a white background that says, "By far one of the best things I've ever done for my business!"

Real Customer Stats:

  • The most common reason a Greetabl is sent to a client is as a booking / welcome gift
    • The second most common use case is a thank you gift, either for business in general or for referral business
  • The average professional who signs up for Greetabl Insider Pro can save over $120 a year between free shipping and monthly credits!
  • 100% of customers interviewed said they’ve received a positive reaction from their clients after receiving their Greetabl
    • 50% of customers interviewed said that clients have shared their gift on social media after receiving it, which can lead to an increase in followers and brand awareness
  • One customer interviewed received a 20% referral rate from client social shares
  • One customer interviewed saved over an hour of time per gift after switching to Greetabl
  • One customer interviewed saved an average of $40 per gift over another option after switching to Greetabl

You can’t always control your clients reaction to a gift, or the return on your investment in social shares and referrals. However, there are a few tactics that all of our customers utilize to help them achieve the success stories and metrics outlined above:

  1. Maximize the impact of a gift by always making it as personalized as possible
    • Use their name and reference your work together, as well as any other facts you know about them in the card or message
    • Include photos, and if you don’t have any, choose ones from our free Photo Library
    • Incorporate anything you know about them into the box print and gift choice
      • Example: if they like blue, choose a blue box print. If you know they have a sweet tooth, send some chocolates
  2. Save as much time and money as possible! Greetabl makes this part veryyy doable for business owners between the ease of our product, our loyalty program, and all the extra perks offered through our Insider and Insider Pro memberships. 

Let’s cover all the time and money saving tools in depth!

Tools Used by Pros

Woman holding a Greetabl gift still inside the shipper box.

Loyalty Rewards

Because we love all our customers and want to reward them for making people’s day, everyone gets a $1 in credit back for every $10 they spend on a gift. There’s no membership required and no confusing redemption rules.

Because perks shouldn’t be hard, and we know that simple, money-saving features like this are lifesavers for small business owners.

Free Shipping

When you sign up for Greetabl Insider, you get free shipping on every single order for a year! That adds up (and pays for itself) fast for savvy professionals who are sending gifts to all or even most of their clients.

Custom Designs

We understand that business owners want to incorporate their unique branding into their box design so that their gift is instantly recognizable by clients, and that’s where Custom Designs come in! This Insider Pro exclusive feature allows you to design your own box print that only you have access to.

Don’t believe how awesome it is? Take Tayler’s word for it, a real Insider Pro who said, “Branding every aspect of your client experience is something a lot of [business owners] strive for. And now you can easily create branded gifts with Greetabl! Seriously, this is what we got really excited about, and we’ve already uploaded our pattern to our account!”

Saved Templates

Because every working person out there (let alone those who run their own business) knows that your to-do list can feel like one step forward and ten steps back sometimes, we do everything we can do make sure our gifting process is quick and easy, without sacrificing personality and quality.

Enter Saved Templates, another Insider Pro exclusive. Just save any gift, print, message and photo combination that you send often, and resend it in a matter of clicks! You can still update the message and photos to be relevant for each client, while saving time on every other step.

Key Takeaways

If you take nothing else away from the success of Greetabl’s professional customers, remember this: they all genuinely care about their clients.

Any business owner can send their client a card or a gift to show they care. But the smart ones, they find the all-in-one solution that allows them to get personal and WOW their clients all while saving time and money.

At the end of the day, many small business owners can’t afford not to save on their client relationships this way, but they also can’t afford to sacrifice the gesture.

If you follow the same tactics that these smart professionals do, you won’t have to either!