New Year's Gift Guide

New Year's Gift Guide

New year, new reasons to celebrate! Forgot to send a holiday gift? Have some exciting new goals on the horizon? Want to start the year on a positive note? There are so many good reasons to send gifts in January! And this gift guide breaks down all the best ways to send New Year cheer to everyone on your list.

New Year Gift #1: Bubbly for Your Bestie

Unfolded Greetabl box for display with wedding photos and box of candy

Design: Cheers to You

Gift: Champagne Bubbles

What goes better with New Year’s than bubbly? Say cheers with a box of mouthwatering Champagne Bubbles and this perfectly paired Cheers to You print.

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New Year Gift #2: Send a Long-Distance Cheers!

Mini copper mugs with white flowers and greenery

Design: Gold Confetti

Gift: Mini Copper Mugs

Perfect for sending a “Cheers!” to those faraway friends. These copper mugs come in a specially-wrapped set of two, and will be waiting for you to clink with your pal next time you’re together! Bonus: they’re suuuuuper cute.

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New Year Gift #3: Fun Times & Gummy Bears

Unfolded Greetabl box for display with box of candy.

Design: Fun Times Ahead

Gift: Champagne Bears

With this combo, you bring the party AND the gifts. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new year with the friend who always brings the FUN to every situation.

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New Year Gift #4: For a BIG Celebration

Unfolded Greetabl box for display with pink heart-shaped bath fizzy

Design: Throw Confetti

Gift: Rose Bath Fizz

Throw confetti. Pop champagne. Repeat. Send this combination to someone who deserves a big celebration and a lot of love. The bath fizz is even heart-shaped! Literally perfect for all your long-distance BFFs.

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New Year Gift #5: Party in a Box

Unfolded Greetabl box for display with pictures of friends, a mini donkey piñata, a bath bomb, and a box of candy.

Design: Confetti Party

Gift: Mini Donkey Piñata

Ain’t no party like a confetti party (bonus points if it’s paired with a piñata). Send a super celebratory gift with the Confetti Party design and Mini Donkey Piñata gift. It’s a match made in party heaven.

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