5 Proposal Ideas to Make Your Bridesmaids Say ‘Yes!’

5 Proposal Ideas to Make Your Bridesmaids Say ‘Yes!’

The love of your life has finally asked for your hand in marriage. Now it’s time to plan your wedding. Of course, a huge part of your invitees to that once-in-a-lifetime event are your bridesmaids! Because this is a special event, why not consider asking your friends to be part of your bridal party through a bridesmaid proposal?

What is a bridesmaid proposal?

The goal of a bridesmaid proposal is simply to ask someone to be your bridesmaid — but it deserves to be just as special as any proposal. In this regard, you can check our “Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid” to see how you can break the question to your girls. Moreover, The Spruce explains how bridesmaids aren’t limited to being a part of your big day; they’re also there to help you plan your bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding. A bridesmaid proposal is a thoughtful way to show your friends that they’re important to you and that you value their support.

How to Propose to Bridesmaids

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, here’s some good news for you! There’s no one right way to propose to your friends. If you’re skilled at arts and crafts, you can make a DIY bridesmaid proposal. But if crafty projects aren’t your thing, you can just give them ready-made gifts that are just as unique and special. Regardless of what you plan to give, consider making their gifts personalized. This added touch will make your soon-to-be-bridesmaids feel special.

If you’re not sure how you should go about it, here are a few bridesmaid proposal ideas:

Proposal Card

You can make it a simple “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card, or something more creative like a scratch-off card that reveals the question. If you know calligraphy, you can use that to your advantage and letter your own cards. Not sure what to write in your bridesmaid proposal card? You can lean on quotes, poems, or even write a short letter on your card. Here are some more ideas we previously shared on Greetabl!

Remember, bridesmaid proposals are for showing your friends how important they are to you. Doing it through words can be impactful. Plus, the card can be kept as a keepsake.

Gifts and Goodies

Why not give your bridesmaids something they can always use? Wine and Sprinkles’ list of bridesmaid proposals suggests inexpensive gift options, such as hair ties. Or, remind your friends to stay hydrated by giving them tumblers or mugs. Other goodies you can consider giving your bridesmaids are Himalayan Salt Soaks, Lavender Sage Bath Bombs, or Bottomless Mimosa Candles. After all, they’ll be sharing your stress in preparing your special day, and these can help them unwind after long days of planning.

Clothes and Accessories

This is a cute and practical gift to give your bridesmaids. Brides’ list of getting ready outfits for bridesmaids show that the usual getting-ready outfits for the bridal party are robes. Or, you can match with your bridesmaids in cute pajamas, oversized shirts, and rompers — whatever you feel like wearing! If you already have a getting-ready outfit planned, consider personalized jewelry they can wear on the day-to-day. This gift is nearly foolproof!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

If you can’t decide on just one thing to give your bridesmaids, why not give them multiple goodies? A bridesmaid proposal box is good for exactly that. You can have a certain theme — such as spa or bath products, like the Rejuvenate Clay Mask and Vitamin C Facial Mask. You can also gift practical options to use on the day-of, such as a mirror or a tumbler.

If you want to be sure that you and your girls have everything you need for the big day, you can give them the Big Day Minimergency Kit, which has all the essentials like hairspray and blotting tissues. You can opt to still put a proposal card in the box, or just let the box speak for itself. If you’re also having trouble thinking of what you want to put in your box, consider availing services such as Greetabl that make the boxes for you. All you need to do is choose the design of the box and what products you want to put inside.

Bridesmaid Proposal Date

This is another option you can take if you would rather give an experience than purchasing a product. The date can be a nice meal outside or a trip to the spa — basically, anything you want to experience with your girls. For something more budget-friendly, Bridal Guide’s guide to planning a proposal brunch suggests cooking for them at home too. You can even make it a bonding affair and get everyone to cook with you.

Another fun option is to make it a shopping day, when you can all buy clothes and items you’ll need in preparation for your wedding. But if you’re choosing outfits for each other, make sure that what you pick is flattering and something they’d actually like to wear. For example, Pretty Me’s guide to the best dresses for petites points out how wrap dresses will flatter your bridesmaids the most, as these can define their waist, hug the body snugly, and elongate their figures. Meanwhile, Glamour’s tips for plus-size women suggests avoiding fabric that clings, since it might get uncomfortable. All in all, shopping together is also an exciting opportunity to get to know each other better — including your taste in fashion!

No matter what you decide to do or give for your proposal, make sure that your girls enjoy it too. After all, planning a wedding is hard work, and you want your bridesmaids to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible before diving into all that work with you.