Things to Know About Building a Bridal Box for Your People

Things to Know About Building a Bridal Box for Your People

If you are newly engaged and scouring the internet for how to prepare your wedding — and yourself — for the big day, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information you found, and that never-ending to-do list that seems to grow by the hour. So much to do, so little time, no matter how far ahead you have set the date of the big day. 

Organization is Key

Bridal Boxes Subscriptions are a great gift for yourself or to give a new bride because they are filled with so much of what you will need to prepare for the big day. These are perfect gifts if you are a soon-to-be mother-in-law looking for ways to get more involved in the wedding planning and hoping to get closer to your soon-to-be daughter-in-law. These happy bride boxes are also a great gift if you were a recent bride yourself and want to give the gift of your experience and wisdom to a friend who is about to embark on her own journey of planning a wedding. 

Getting engaged is always a big deal and cause for massive celebration, but becoming a bride during these uncertain times can throw most traditional customs into chaos and you may be wondering how to navigate through it all. 

Bridal Boxes to the Rescue

We see uncertainty as an opportunity (that’s just how we do). There is no better time to get creative than when the world is in chaos. For one, you are likely already taking advantage of delivery services and sending gifts through USPS. If you’ve recently received the good news that someone super close to you just got engaged and you can’t contain your enthusiasm? Put your love for her, and your excitement for the big news in a box. Especially ideal if you are living across the miles. 

Ideas for bridal boxes are endless, whether you want to gift the happy bride with a monthly subscription box or create your own. We’ll give you the low down on all the different options.

First, let’s get something straight about what a Bridal Box is not.

It’s different from a wedding gift that the happy couple will share in their happy life together. Wedding gifts are typically from wedding registries, gifts in the form of money, or something that is purchased with both the groom and the bride in mind. 

It’s too sentimental for a Bachelorette Party gift. Do we even have to explain this one to you? Bachelorette gifts are almost always layered in humor and sinful fun. The mood here is not going to be an optimal time for the bride-to-be to receive anything nostalgic or meaningful. 

It’s not domestic enough for a bridal shower or couple shower. These gifts are usually fun things for the couple to share together in their new home. While they can be anything from new kitchen kits to a meaningful heirloom (such as a valuable piece of art or collection of valuables), a bridal box is something typically just for HER, and is most commonly used either on her wedding day, or in preparation of it. 

What is a Bridal Box?

In short, it’s a collection of wedding essentials and tools that can be used as soon as the engagement begins, kicking off the wedding planning process, and be given at any point all the way up to the big day. These special (and useful) boxes of fantabulous are beautifully packaged in keepsake boxes and customized with a range of the latest bridal SWAG. 

What goes in a Bridal Box? 

What every newly engaged gal needs more than anything else is a system! Not so different from school/office supplies (but way fancier!), the best boxes get the bride organized and ready to start planning. However, there is no rule that says you can throw in some fun pampering and luxury beautification gifts as well. Here are some items commonly found inside:

👰🏻   Wedding planners

👰🏼  Champagne flutes

👰🏽  Keepsake box

👰🏾  Ring Box 

👰🏿  Vow Books

👰🏻  Jewelry box

👰🏼  Planning Box 

👰🏽  Designer silk robe

👰🏾  Spa / Facial products

👰🏿  Gel eye mask

👰🏻  Jewelry

👰🏼  Essential oils

To subscribe or not to subscribe?

There are advantages to getting a monthly bridal box subscription to a service like Maeven, The Miss to Mrs. Box, or Something New — all of which will load you up with luxury wedding merch every month until the big day or you can choose to purchase a one-time box as a gift. Ranging from $35 per box to $400 for a monthly subscription, these services can make gift giving super easy, but can start adding up financially. 

Then again, like most gifts, the best bridal boxes are personalized. And while it may take you more time to put together, it’s the only way to truly customize it uniquely to her, make it more deeply meaningful, and can usually save you $ that can be used later on for showers and wedding gifts.